Tuesday, September 17, 2019

My project for this week

My project for this week is to quilt this UFO from 2009...yes, it's 10 years old...it's time, don't you think? 
The quilting was started at one time but then I put it away...no idea why. 
It really shouldn't take me too long to finish it now that it's out where I can work on it as I have a moment.
These scrappy blocks are done. I made 56 so that my quilt will be 7 blocks wide and 8 long. I'm still deciding how to set them...maybe with a very small white sashing. 
My other project is REALLY coming along! We have insulation done, the well is in and drywall has been delivered. The weather has really been nice this week. Last week we had a bunch of rainy, cold days but now it's back to the low 80's...so nice!

Al and I added some blocking in the walls where floating shelves will be going and where heavy pictures will be hung. There are so many little things that have to be taken care of everyday. We're trying to do as much as we can in between scheduled workers. I'm hoping to take lots of wall pictures before the drywall is hung so we know where plumbing and wires are before we start trimming and hanging cabinets. 

But everything will be put on hold tomorrow because it's grandson day💙...we'll be playing with this guy and his brother....my favorite day of the week!


Cathy said...

I love your projects. I have some UFO's over 10 years old...lol Your house is going to be beautiful. Hugs

Northern Deb said...

Kathy, I guess most of us quilters have old UFOs. 🙈 I have so many but I'm trying to get the number down to something that sounds a little less embarrassing. Maybe under 20..lol. It's doable, right? Every year I say this is the year...get them finished..but then I see a new design I like or have a great idea. 2020 will be the year I get them done!! Yup.

Karen said...

There are some very interesting block designs in the red, white, and blue quilt. Some I have never seen before.

Northern Deb said...

Karen, I never really thought about that. The blocks are all signed with the makers name. Some say the block name also. I really love the two flag blocks in the center.

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