Monday, June 29, 2009

Ready to Quilt!

Well, Im off to the sewing room to quilt this. FINALLY! I havent decided exactly what Im doing yet... kind of decide as I go along. I think there will be lots of stipple since this is such a small quilt and not a lot of quilting area. I've asked the opinion of DH and DD1 on the binding. They want the aqua floral that is in the center square so thats what it'll be (unless I go for the gold check last minute). I dont want the binding to stand out too much... need it to sink into the background.

Hopefully, this will be finished tonight, it's due tomorrow! I saw some of the quilts today at the lqs and there's lots of competition out there... lots of wonderful quilts! This has been a lot of fun... would be wonderful to win but either way I have a nice quilt (or DD1 does). :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still working on the challenge quilt....

OK... I've finished the next part... the applique in each corner. NOW, on the the final part (before the quilting). I need to add scallops that connect to the corners. I wasn't sure I would add that... depended on how much time I had left but since it's not due until Tuesday, I figure I can get the scallops done today ... quilt it tomorrow... bind it tomorrow night. 
The machine quilting shouldn't take me too long. It's only a 24 inch quilt. Not sure what color to make the binding but it may end up being just something soft and simple (yellow or white) because the scallops are so dark. I'll REALLY be happy to get this done and off to the quilt shop. 

Pretty soon I can check off one more item on a HUGE list of WIPs! :) 

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lately I've been working on a challenge quilt. My LQS gave us 4 pieces of fabric with instructions to create a 24" quilt. The fabrics are the burgandy, the aqua with flowers, one of the greens in the leaves and a larger floral (not in this part). This needs to be done by June 30th so I REALLY need to get going on it. This part is 16" square... the next part is an appliqued border plus a few extras.

Our quilt show was this weekend... we had some beautiful quilts in it. I meant to take pictures but I was so busy working, I forgot to :( I worked on counting up votes for the viewers choice. This was quite an eye opener... it's fun to see what everyone loves. We also had a quilt appraiser on site. She had a few quilts that she was working on in the backroom and THEY WERE WONDERFUL! One was in almost perfect condition form the late 1800's. I took a little time to study it. The binding on it was on 1/8" wide (well, actually it was the backing turned to the front). This one is going to get a high appraisal... it's museum quality.

Back to the sewing room for me... I am determined to meet the deadline for my challenge quilt. I think I'll start using this blog now that my other blog has disappeared ONCE AGAIN. They have been having trouble with spammers and I just dont want to keep starting over again. Hopefully this blog will be around for a while.

I've been slowly pushing myself back to quilting. My back pain gets terrible in the mid day so early morning is the best time to sew.  ...