Thursday, February 13, 2020

Orange peel blocks

The orange peels blocks are coming along. I made a cardboard template, cut a bunch of ovals and started to applique them onto the white background. 
They're really quick blocks. I'll have quite a pile when I get back home. 

Al and I took a ride to Dunedin this afternoon. They have one of my favorite quilt shops there and it's going to be closing. Everything is 40% off. I REALLY don't need much fabric but it's fun to look.
I did buy this cute stripe. It's perfect for binding on a future quilt. There's a growing stack of quilt tops at home that need quilting and binding. I have plenty of backing pieces but am short of bindings.
Now it's back to relaxing. The weather today is perfect.🌴

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Red and white vacation project

What do you do when you've forgotten your hand sewing project at home? I had to make a quick fabric run. Bought a few yards each of Kona dark red and Kona white. Also bought a new pair of scissors since I don't have a rotary cutter or mat down here.
This will be a two color, vintage style, orange peel quilt. I'm cutting oversized background blocks of red and white. I cut a cardboard template to use for the appliqued peels.
When I get 64 done and I'm back in Michigan, I'll trim the blocks to 6-1/2" square. I'll add a 2" border around each for a 10" block. 64 blocks will give me an 80x80 quilt.

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Headed south to relax

As much as I love these two sweeties, it's time to head south and warm my bones!
I put away my blue and white quilt until i get back. 
I'll just be doing a little handsewing and lots of shopping. The antique shops have loads of inspiration. It's this vintage quilt pretty?

So we're heading to Florida...sun, sand and warmth!

 We really need to kick back and relax....Especially Al. He's been working hard to finish all the little details on the house...bookshelves, toe kicks, handrails, shelving...all the little stuff that was put off so that we could get in by Christmas. Most is done so time to relax until spring when we start finishing the lower level. 

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Blue and white star quilt

I had a little sewing time this afternoon and was able to add 3 blocks to my #blueandwhitequilt

I changed the design just a bit. The outermost border was plain. I decided to add a bunch half square trianges (hst) and a few more of the stars going around the center. I really HOPE I have enough fabric to do all of this. It's going to be close.

 So besides sewing this weekend, we met a new family member. It's amazing what can be discovered through #Ancestry.
And now I'm relaxing a little before the big game comes on....I'm also admiring Al's handiwork 😉 He's such a talented carpenter.

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Next in line...

I'm working on an old that I really love. Years ago I taught a class and sewed up a class sample. I made a few extra blocks as I taught how the blocks went together. I usually use solids to test blocks then when I get enough, I make a solid scrappy sampler quilt. But these were all in blue and white so I saved them for a two color quilt.
This block below is what I stitched up today after taking apart a block I didnt like.
I think this was "cups and saucers" block....usually a nice design but just too bold in solids.
It took a while to reconstruct such a big block but I'm so much happier with the new one. 
This was the start of the quilt center. 
It needed 4 more stars then I needed to add a 2" border all the way around because I needed the center to become a 36" square. 
I figured i could use my leftover class blocks in the four corners of the next border....but what about in between?

Do you like EQ? I have to say it sure makes it easy to see what a quilt will look like. I tried out a few different ideas...couldn't i put a poll on Instagram. The quilters voted this design as the favorite.
So this what I'm working towards. I need to make a dozen 12" blocks to finish the next round then 3 borders.
Shouldn't take too long.

Oh, and I finished the flannel squares quilt top. It's off to the longarmer. 

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Joining the FINISHALONG2020 on IG

Have you joined in the 2020 finish-a-long? With my long list of UFOs, I really need the push finish-a-long gives. 

This one, below, is going to be first to finish up. It's not the oldest. I started it when Henry was a baby and now he's 5-1/2. This quilt needs to go on his new bed, a queen size. His twin bed will be passed down to little brother Charlie, along with his doggie quilt...maybe...

I've just finished the 9th and final block. After those are sewn together I'll start the border. Maybe I can get this finished in the next few weeks and have a January finish. 

Monday, January 13, 2020

Working on UFO #1

My News Years resolution was to get 15 of my UFOs done this year. I have 29 on my list (listed on my UFO page here on my blog). The pile of UFOs has decreased over the years from 40 all time high🙈
For January, I would like to complete #1, Henry's flannel squares quilt.
I worked on it for a few hours today and can see progress. The blocks are 24x24"...I need at least 9 for a 72x72 quilt. I now have 7 done. 

These bobbins came in handy today as I was sewing the sub-blocks. I ran out of bobbin as I was chain stitching. It's so nice to have this huge supply of prewound ones! It was my Christmas present from of my favorite gifts every year (I always request this, don't always receive it).

So my sewing room is going to be in the basement...I have a huge window facing east for good light but it's on the back burner for now. Al and I need a building break for a little bit. We'll be heading to Florida soon so we'll wait till we're back before tackling the basement. In the meantime I'll be sewing here in the kitchen.

I started this quilt for Henry, about 4 years ago and since then have changed my color preferences. The 4 blocks that were done seem too dark now so I'm making the next 5 blocks lighter and I will alternate darks and lights. I hope it works the way I'm envisioning it. Otherwise I'll be UNSEWING a bunch and inserting more lighter pieces.

These are the lighter ones below...there are still darks but not as many. And I've pulled out the brown...I have too much of it....Replacing it with navy and dark greens.

Here's the 7 blocks on my "design" floor. I still see too much brown. I'll make the last two blocks then decide if I need to "delete" some or remake a block. 
The main thing is, the quilt is getting worked on and will be finished SOON.

So that's my 1st New Years resolution. The second is to limit my sugar intake. My family has a history of diabetes. That really worries me. I KNOW I have a sugar addiction and I also know that if I don't consume it the cravings go away. SO, I'm trying REALLY hard to stay away from it. Wish me luck!
Hope all of you are enjoying a wonderful 2020 and doing well with your own resolutions! 

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Happy New Year, All!!

Well, we made it! Finished the house by Christmas...moved in, unpacked some and had family here for a Christmas Eve dinner.
Daughter Jenn helped with dinner bringing this delicious blueberry dessert and her famous dinner rolls.
Daughter Lisa made her annual gingerbread house...a lighthouse this year! It was HUGE and the boys loved it. Not sure how she got that up here in one piece (she lives 4 hours from us).

I made dinner but Al helped by barbecuing steaks and chicken. The only cookies I made were these Spritz...requested by my daughter.

Christmas day was even easier and relaxing...Al took us out to dinner to the Grand Traverse Resort. 
So now we are in the house, finishing details like staining doors and handrails, adding cabinet knobs, doing touchups to walls and trim, caulking and adding shelves where needed. 
I'll be dragging out my sewing machine pretty soon. On Instagram, I posted my UFO list and my New Years resolution to cut the list by half. Let's see if I can! I'm also trying to cut my sugar intake. Two VERY difficult resolutions for me. 
Here's to a wonderful new year!!!! I hope you all have much success with all your endeavors. Have a happy, healthy, successful 2020, everyone!

Monday, December 9, 2019

Home for Christmas

As some of you know, Al and I are building a home (again). We had hoped to be in by Thanksgiving but had a few delays...BUT we WILL be in for Christmas! Our moving truck is scheduled for Dec 18th...plenty of time to unpack, put up a tree, bake cookies..
Right now we're laying hardwood. I've become an old pro at this. This is the third house we've done it ourselves. Only hiccup is, as we get more practice, we're also getting older and these old bones don't want to be kneeling on the floor hammering away at wood. I could barely get up off the floor today😬
We started by the master bedroom so that the carpet guys would have a place to put it up against. 

Now we're working towards the fireplace, kitchen and stairs. 

I wore out my carpenter/hubby. Slamming that hammer against the nailer is hard work. 
But the end is within sight. We need to be done with flooring, stair treads, a porch railing, garage railing, address needs mounting and a few other little things, in 9 days! And have the rental packed! Gonna be close...

Friday, November 8, 2019

Time marches on...

This past month has been hard...Dad is moving out of the family home and into a senior apartment, his decision.
The house is just too large for him.
Since mom passed away, he's been slowly giving her stuff away and BOY did she have stuff! Mom loved Lladro and Old Country Rose china... She loved crystal and Fitz and Floyd. So much stuff!
One of dad's solutions to who gets what, is to give items back to the giver. He gave me back the quilts I made her...there were 4. 
One was put in the casket with her because she was always was a flannel lap quilt. 
The second was admired by my daughter so I gave that to her. 
The third was always on the guest bed where my brother's stayed and he liked that went to him. 
And the final one was this Eleanor Burns pattern, Magic Vine variation. 

It was used on mom and dad's bed for years. I gave this to my sister. 
This was made/finished in 2008 and is one of the few labeled quilts. The flowers are all appliqued and it was my first attempt at FMQ (sort of). 

It was fun to go through all these old memories but also hard....end of an era. That house was always the Holiday house...jammed with decorations, food and family!

Time for the next generation to take over. My daughter will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. And once our house is finished, we'll be able to have Christmas there.

With these two monkeys, it should be a fun party!

Monday, October 21, 2019

A final finish for 2019

After a long day of building shelves and trimming at the new house, I came home and finished the binding on my Kaffe quilt. So it's DONE! Another UFO to check off...I'm thrilled!

This quilt will be mine. It's sooo soft. I can't wait to be in the new house, cuddling up with this one.

These are all log cabin blocks (8") that I made using my Creative Grids Log Cabin ruler. It's a good one one. You all know how I love my rulers😉
Packing this guy up and then packing up my machine and all my sewing stuff. 
Al and I have too much work at the house...there won't be any spare time for sewing. 

Orange peel blocks

The orange peels blocks are coming along. I made a cardboard template, cut a bunch of ovals and started to applique them onto the white bac...