Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The first finish of June

 I HAVE a finish! Yay! This is a leader and ender project I did to use up scraps. My scrap bin looks the same so I probably need to start another one.
 This scrappy bow tie quilt used all stash fabrics...even the backing. Linking back to 2nd quarter Finish Along starter blog post:
Let me end with a picture of my sweetie pies... These two make getting older THE BEST! 

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Collage class, quilting and sewing surprises for daughters

Last Saturday I taught a Collage Class. We really had a great time. This class used Laura Heine patterns like the one I made... Emerson Dog. The ladies all had different Laura Heine patterns.... a moose, the cat, the dress, a flamingo, the elephant, the pigs and two of my favorites: Henrietta the hen  and the Rooster (not sure his name). 
I cant wait to see all of these become quilts.  This class will be repeated in June. I may make another collage myself. Im thinking about that rooster...he's really beautiful.
So after class I decided to start quilting a quilt ....this top was finished in April and I'd love to have the FMQ done this month so that I have a large finish. It's been a while. This is the bow tie scrap quilt and I really do love it. It's probably going to become a picnic/beach quilt. 

So in between quilting and cleaning my sewing room (it really needed it!) I started a small sewing project. When my younger daughter was up visiting, she showed me environmentally friendly pads for periods. You stitch a cotton layer, 2 flannel layers and a water repellent bottom layer together ....add snaps to attach to panties and you're done. She bought hers at a store but I figured we could make them easy enough. So I purchased the fabrics and snap... 

This is a finished one below:

It snaps around the panties...pretty fabric faces up....snap down. That white fabric is the water repellent stuff. It's the same fabric that is used with baby diapers which should be my next project. Since the other daughter just delivered a son and she's going through diaper after diaper, I think this would be a good money saver. These pads were Super easy. These sell for about $15 dollars each at the health food store... I think I can make her about 6 for about the same money. Im sure the diapers cant be all that much harder.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Pillow finish

My latest finish is another collage project...it's a Laura Heine flower. I decided to make it small instead of wall size. And then i added assorted HSTs on one side. It ended up being a fun summer pillow for my entry seat. I just may make another....

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Finished up my collage quilt & working on another

My Laura Heine collage quilt is finished and I'm ready for class.
I'll be teaching this collage technique in an all day class. It should be fun👍

The hardest part was quilting him. Going through multiple layers of steam a seam while FMQ wasn't easy. I had to stop quite often to wipe off my needle. But overall, I'm very happy with how he turned out.
Linking to

  • ...this wasnt the UFO I was supposed to finish but it IS a finish and that makes me happy!

So now that he was done, I started on another project that's been ignored for a while.. My American Jane quilt.

Border added...now to decide what I want to add next. Maybe a couple of plain little borders then a border of stars. It's about 56" right now. I would like it to be at least 72" square when I'm done.

Monday, April 23, 2018

A busy month

 On my way to finishing up a quilt... Yay! This was a leader/ender project using scraps and fabric from my stash.
I found the backing buried in a box...its old, really old...maybe 1990s or earlier 😱
It's all pin basted.... It'll be free motion quilted after i finish my Laura Heine wallhanging. 

What else has been going on? Well, Jenn added to her family. This is Charlie Jay😀

Lisa and Dustin came up for a visit...played with Henry and welcomed Charlie to the family.

Friday, April 13, 2018

2nd Quarter Finish-Along

I've decided I need to finish up quite a few projects and so im joining in the Finish-Along at marcigirldesigns.
I'll be linking up the following projects:
The first is my sweet little Henry dog
This is a collage quilt pattern from Laura Heine called Emerson. He will be made into a wall hanging but right now its just flowers on pattern ease. Lots of work ahead but he is #1 on my ToDo list. Im teaching this class in 2 weeks! Got to get him done!

This quilt just needs the binding stitched on and then hand sewn down. Sounds easy enough and yet there it sits on my sewing table...

This guy was a scrap project designed to use up my purple scraps. It's from 2017 so I'd like it done. Needs quilting and binding.

This is another quilt using scraps. It needs to be quilted and bound.
 This blue Kaffe log cabin needs a border then quilting and binding.
Then theres the pink red kaffe quilt...bear paw blocks. I need to finish the top and piece the backing with leftover blocks. Finally it needs FMQ and binding.
This is a leader and ender scrap quilt that needs a few more blocks and maybe a border or two? 

Here's one that should be second on my list. This is the April ufo from patchworktimes ufo challenge. So theres a double reason to finish it. There are still blocks to make to get it up to a bed size then the same as all...fmq and binding.

I started to do Forest Fancy then decided i like the quilts with just one animal better so the 2 or 3 bunny blocks that are done will have more bunnies added (and maybe some carrot blocks) then it'll be an adorable Easter or baby quilt.

Im really, really hoping that in the next few months these projects will get finished. It's been a while since I had a finish😞 I realize not all these will get finished but if I really PUSH maybe half will be done. So I'm off to start working on them today...we're having an April snow storm here and there's no way we can leave the house. SEW DAY!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

April color and UFO of the month

The color for APRIL is yellow. The UFO is number 5.
I'll TRY to finish up this quilt. I didn't get anything done on my March UFO but I was on vacation part of the time, had my sister staying with us and had a class to prepare for...just too busy to do much extra sewing.
This month the new baby will be here so that might cut into sewing time a bit and I have another class to teach along with a sample to make.

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Color and UFO for March

The UFO for March (according to www.patchworktimes.com) is number 8 which for me is this improv quilt in mostly blue solids.
I'm really looking forward to working on this...its my favorite color and modern...FUN!

The color of the month for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge is GREEN...light, bright green. I'll have to dig out my limes when i get home.
Al and I are packing up tonight...leaving this beautiful Florida weather and heading back to Michigan snow.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

February's UFO is completed

The Dogs in Sweaters quilt is bound and has found it's new home.
Henry is thrilled with it.

Jenn put it on his "big boy" bed and it fits nicely. 

Henry posed for some pictures with his quilt and wanted to make sure he was next to his two favorite dogs on the quilt.... Piper the TC airport dog..abd the green sweatered dog near the bottom. That's the Henry dog. All the dogs have names...guess it meets with his approval.

Not sure how much other quilting will be happening these next 3 weeks. Al and I are off to Florida to do some relaxing and soaking up the sun. I'll take a little EPP with me for rainy days. Mainly i think I'll do some fabric shopping. 

Monday, February 12, 2018


I've been posting on my blog and on Instagram about this Bow Tie quilt that I'm doing...it's my current "leader & enders" project.
I usually have one of these going so that i can easily chain stitch whatever other quilt I'm working on. Last year I made a HST quilt from scraps...this year bow ties. This is also my Rainbow Scrap Challege project...I try to cut up a bunch of scraps into these blocks according to the color of the month.
As I was browsing through IG pictures, I found a bow tie quilt that @vickifreeman12 had done...absolutely gorgeous!
She used slightly smaller bow ties...i wanted something that would use up my 5" charms and scraps of about that size without being TOO small. 
I came up with a 3" block...

These are scraps cut to size to be used as i need leaders and enders.

Since I've had a few people asking about this quilt, i thought i would do a quick tutorial...
For each Bow Tie:
Cut (2) background and (2) bow color 2" squares. Cut (2) 1-1/2" bow color squares.

Place a 1-1/2" color on the corner of a 2" backround. Stitch corner to corner.

Trim outside seam to 1/4".

Repeat with the other 1-1/2" color square. Press to the color.
Place these with the 2" color square as shown below to form a 4 patch.

Sew 2 together then the other two like below...press to the color so your seams "lock".

 Sew the last seam and press. I press this final seam open.

 When you have 9, or 16 or 25 (depends how large you want each block) sew them together ...all facing the same way.
Rotate the direction of each large block to form the design below. 
I may or may not do a border...we'll see. I love Vickis but I'm not sure I'll feel like doing that much work.
I sure hope the quilt i end up with is as pretty as hers. 
With this CONTINUING scrap project, I'll be linking up with all the other ladies sorting and sewing their scraps at OH SCRAP.

 And this quilt is a finish...binding on. Henry picked navy with stars...good choice Henry!

Saturday, February 10, 2018

On a roll...

 It's quilted!! I'm so glad to be done with the quilting on this one. Theres a few days left before we head out of town, so enough time to cut and bind this one.
The binding decision is up to Jenn since it'll be in her house. I kind of like this small plaid but she really wanted red or blue. Maybe she has something in her stash.

Today Al is sick...a cold I hope, not the FLU. Good thing about that is I'm getting plenty done. My neice-in-law is expecting a girl in May so my sister-in-law is throwing her a shower. Today i had put together a couple of "prizes". When i searched on Pinterest I found the cutest ideas...dont you just love that site? So the idea I copied was a basket full of bathroom shower items with a tag that says "From my shower to yours". Cute, huh?

February is purple scraps month at Angelas blog... Rainbow Scrap Challenge...
I was able to dig up a few scraps and make them into blocks. This is just about the end of my purple.

I'm feeling pretty good about getting my stitching done and projects completed this year. January's and February's UFOs just need binding... Scraps have been made into blocks and my bow tie scrap blocks are more than half made. Yay!

The first finish of June

 I HAVE a finish! Yay! This is a leader and ender project I did to use up scraps. My scrap bin looks the same so I probably need to start ...