Saturday, April 22, 2017

Fun and easy pillow

Front entry pillow is done ...check off another completed project. The block is called raspberry kiss. I spotted a similar pillow on Pinterest that I just loved. Love Pinterest! 

This is supposed to be where I was going to put this pillow but I've changed my mind...I like it better up in the TV room so I'll be searching for another inspiring pattern to make.

I loved how easy this was to's just like making a mini quilt EXCEPT when you get ready to bind it, make the zippered back panel, put them wrong side of back to wrong side of front (mini quilt), baste the two together THEN BIND as you would any quilt. The binding becomes sort of a flange or piping look edge. There's no turning inside out! So easy!
I made the back with a hidden zipper flap. This took no time at all!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Start of a new quilt, finish of an old one

This is the start of, YES ANOTHER, new quilt. As I was stitching the binding down on another UFO, I started thinking about a new quilt using my stash of pink, orange and yellow Kaffe Fassett fabrics. When I was at the local quilt shop, I found the nicest background for these bear paws. It's a creamy/beige modern weave print. It is subtle enough to allow the Kaffe to pop and with just a hint of warmth. 
These blocks are large ... About 14" sq. I think I'll make 20 blocks...that should make a decent sized quilt...with sashing and maybe a few borders. 

I've been cutting and cutting...going to need a pile of HSTs and 2-1/2" squares.

And here's a quick little project I squeezed's going to be a pillow. Where? No idea. It was going to be for my foyer seat but the color needs to be toned down a bit for in there. So I'm thinking it would be cute in the TV/sewing room...on the couch. 

And here's my latest finish. This fabric line is from Moda called HONEY. Originally I was going to add a flying geese border around it but after looking at it a while I decided something simpler would be better. 

I ended up with the geese on the back (color is horrible in this pic)

And here's my latest fabric finds! The local shop is carrying a BEAUTIFUL line of Art Gallery Fabrics! Yum! Had to buy a little of that, of course.

Friday, April 14, 2017

More finishes coming soon!

This quilt, which is a UFO from 4 or 5 years ago, is finally getting worked on. I had a dozen blocks but only 9 made the cut into the quilt so that didn't leave a very large quilt. But with a good sized sashing and a wide border it's up to 62" square... A good size for a lap quilt..

Yesterday I finished free motion quilting it with just a large meander and today I'm stitching down binding. I should be able to call this finished by the weeks end. 

The weather has been beautiful so I hate to spend too much time in my sewing room but I also don't want to slack on getting scraps turned into blocks. I was able to make 4 gray blocks to add to my rainbow quilt block pile. Looks like I need to make more reds...

Lisa visited us a few weekends ago and needed a gift for her cat sitter. She stitched up this beautiful mug rug/ table mat in no time. And check out the quilting!! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

One March finish plus April blocks

There was a March finish...I didn't get around to taking a picture. It's not the UFO I was supposed to do but a finish is a finish, right?! It used up loads of scraps. I cut squares from my 2-1/2" scrappy strips ...completely made from my scraps:) 

Here's my first April scrappy block. Doing my gray scraps this month which fits perfectly with these gray rainy days. 

And this quilty UFO has been in the todo pile for years...I had an idea what I could do with it so I pulled it out. This was a set of blocks in the #honey line from Moda. (Kate Spain). We had a drawing at Hearts to Holly quilt shop and I was one of two winners. These were made by many different ladies so the size wasn't problem...I just trimmed them all to 12" and started sashing. Doing that clips a few corners but that's okay. It will still make a nice cozy quilt for someone.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

April at last!

The scrappy color this month is "mixed" according to The So Scrappy Blog
but since that won't work in my rainbow quilts, I'm changing April to GRAY. I have quite a few gray scraps and I think they'll work well with what I have so far.

The UFO for April is #1 and for me it's the one in the picture below. I have some aqua and snow setting blocks to make....have to attach them to this top (all the farmers wife blocks are done) and then baste, quilt and bind. 
Since I didn't finish the March UFO, I'll be working on that first. This quilt has been claimed by daughter Lisa so that's where it'll be going when done.

After this quilt is completed I will still have a pile of Farmers Wife Blocks. Quilt two will have to wait a few years before I start on that. 

Monday, March 27, 2017

Architectual quilting

If any of you are on Instagram, check out robertkaufman today. They are featuring my daughter Lisa's quilt blocks. She finds pictures of buildings that she likes and turns them into quilt blocks.
You can also she all her quilting on her instagram, @lizafranfran on Instagram.

Since Al and I returned from vacation in Florida I've been catching up on projects started before our trip. I finished all my scrappy blocks and finished quilting my Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt.
Now I have to decide on a binding....

I might do something very dark or very that it stands out.

Now this quilt top below is the UFO of the month that has to be finished. I am pushing myself to have it done by the end of the month. That leaves me what?...3 or 4 days? Sounds reasonable..

And this is the paper pieced stars that I took to Florida and worked on. I was able to add on about 2 rows. It needs a couple more stars in the row on the left and then one row on the bottom. After that I have to figure out how I'm finishing it and IF I'm hand quilting. That's the way I'm leaning.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Finished another scrappy spool block

This blog post is kind of an experiment...
I'm trying to see if I can post from my phone.

 I finished making my scrappy blocks and this red spools
block was the final one for this month. Now that it's done I can get to work on this months UFO. Below are some of the scrappy blocks...purple for January, aqua for February and red for March.

The UFO is number 5 and on my list and it's a 30s reproduction
quilt that I started about a year ago to use up scraps. As is usually the case, it didn't make a dent in the pile😩 I could probably make a dozen more... I'll post a picture of it when I get it taped to my floor for basting.

Another UFO that needed to be quilted finally moved to the top of my list. I need to pin baste my UFO of the month but this Scrappy Trip Around The World was hogging all my I'm quilting this so that I can pin the other...

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Working on RED scrappy blocks

Al and I just got back from a two week vacation in Florida. We had a great time...the weather was perfect. I did miss my sewing machine though. Our new car is a whole lot smaller than the SUV we had last year. It forced me to pack much lighter and that meant nixing the sewing stuff...except for my Englush Paper Piecec Stars. 

Now that we're home I've gotten to work on stitching up March's scraps...reds ( I finished up on Scrap Jar Star block and three of my little log cabin blocks...I should give these a name. 

I didn't quite finish my red spool block...maybe tomorrow. 

The block below is just selvage scraps I had stuffed in a jar. On Pinterest or Instagram, I saw a cute bag with selvage pockets... This might become a bag or if I'm lazy it'll become a mug rug. Just hate to waste them, you know?

So here's my epp stars...working on them as Al drives. I NEED to get this quilt done....not only because it's been 7 or 8 years in the making but because my daughter picked it as her wedding quilt. Their first anniversary is in June. It would be a great time to give it to them. 

I can't tell you how long I've been working on this project....feels like FOREVER! I did a little math on the way home from Florida... It takes me one hour to cut, baste and stitch one star. It takes another hour to cut some white pieces, baste them, attach them to the star then attach the star to the quilt. I have 15 rows of 14 210 approximately. Two hours per star is 410 hours and that's not counting the half pieces to finish the edge. Also not counting the hand quilting I'm planning on doing. 
I know my daughter appreciates the work into this one because she's a quilter..and I know it will be in good hands in the future.

Okay, so the only sewing I brought down to Fl with me was the EPP... So when I got a little bored with that what could I do but SHOP! :)
Rainbow's End in Dunedin Fl was having a march sale... 35% off Kaffe, Tula a Pink, Brandon M., cat/dog prints and more. Couldn't resist that!! 

Saturday, March 4, 2017

March is here, FINALLY!

I love March. This is usually the month that Al and I take a 2 to 3 week vacation....leave winter and Michigan behind for the sunshine of Florida. And this year is no exception. We just arrived at the condo that we rent each year. Surprise, surprise...the weather is gorgeous!! Joking of course because ITS ALWAYS beautiful!

So since it's March the scrappy color has's red this month. I brought a few fabrics with me so that I could work on hand sewing but I wont be doing any scrappy blocks until I head home. My project for the next two weeks will be to work on my daughter's wedding quilt which is UFO number 11. The UFO for March is supposed to be #5 so I guess I'll be working on both. Bringing a sewing machine to the beach just isn't feasible ....our car is tiny and I have a ton of stuff as it is. If I add in a machine, cutting board, tools, more fabrics, more threads...well you know the drill, Al will have a FIT!
So hand sewing it is. These fabrics above are part of the scraps I brought for the hand sewing. Lisa and Dustin's wedding quilt is the 30's repro English paper pieced 6-point stars (that's a mouthful) that I've been working on for ages....AND I do mean ages...7-8 years! Sometime...maybe 4 years ago...Lisa asked if this could be here quilt someday. She hadn't met Dustin but once they were engaged she said she wanted this one for her wedding quilt. I told her it was unlikely that I'd get it done in time but I would try. Well, I knew that wasn't going to happen. Wedding plans, wedding shower, other daughter had our first got in the way. SO, now I'm going to see if I can get it done for their first anniversary I'll post some pictures of the progress as I work.

So here's my sewing room for the next two weeks...not too hard to take, huh?

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Scrappy block tutorial

These are more Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks that I made for one of my rainbow quilts. I've a feeling there are going to be quite a few quilts coming out of this SCRAP CHALLENGE! My scraps are overflowing so I'm happy to be working on them but my UFO list is growing and that's not good! It's probably up to 38 or 39...I KNOW, shocking! But when you consider that I've been quilting since the 80's (and collecting fabric since the 60's), I have a HUGE pile of scraps.

And another good thing members are getting quilts... multiple quilts. Plus plenty for donations and auctions. I think a few will go to the hospital up north here. They have a program where a child that has to stay overnight at the hospital for the first time, gets a teddy bear and a quilt.
This is a wonderful thing...just thinking of my grandson....well, if he ever had to stay he would be really scared. So yes, a few will go there.

These are two of my "sea green/ aqua" blocks that I made for the SO SCRAPPY
RSC17. Some I made today and some yesterday. Al and I have a large painting job that is taking most of everyday so I've been getting up an hour early so that I can have a relaxing cup of coffee and do some stitching. My vision isn't the greatest anymore so stitching in the evening just doesn't work.... plus I'm tired by time we get home and make dinner...etc.

I thought some of you might want to try this block...It's really simple but not very large. It's only 7"...7-1/2" before adding to a quilt. It uses up some of those 1-1/2" strips many of you have collected.
I try to find blocks that use up what I have and my pile of 1-1/2" strips is high and falling over...

I place dark 1-1/2" squares in the four corners and the center...This seems to bring the block alive. The background works with low volume fabrics, white, creams, light grays,...etc.
Pick medium volume fabrics for the 3-1/2" and 2-1/2" color pieces. They need to stand out from the background but be lighter than the dark squares.

I hope you can read this photo of my block...I took a picture of my eq7 printout. If you can't let me know and I'll print off a sheet then photograph that.

TO PUT THE BLOCK TOGETHER, I made 4 little log cabins...start with the darkest 1-1/2" squares. Attach the little white square. Then the white 2-1/2", then the color 2-1/2" and finally the color 3-1/2".
Press those 4 small log cabins then place them like the block shows. It'll be like sewing up a 9 patch now. If anyone wants a picture of how it goes together...I will gladly take photos of the next one I make as I do it.

So to put this quilt together, I was planning on turning them on point and cut 7-1/2" squares of white scraps...using them as the alternate block. BUT, my daughter likes how they look in the picture above, place on the bed with a little white sashing. So that's probably how I'll do them. I might use a 3" sashing and put PLUS sign blocks as cornerstones...sort of the way I did my purple and gray quilt. OR I might just keep it all white.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Early sewing on a Scrappy Saturday

Got up early to sew a bit before work. Working on more Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks in aqua. When I figured out how many blocks I would need for this quilt I figured about 64. So if I have 10 colors that's about 6 each...maybe 7 or another color. I have 5 purples...and pieces to make one more. Same with my aqua/sea green. I really like the blues...any blues ...might do one or two extra aqua.

I put a pattern for this block on my February 18th blog entry... scrappy block tutorial

As I was digging through my aqua scraps I found this old piece of Peter Pan fabric. It's REALLY old!  Quite possibly from the 80s. I'm inserting a little here and there. Sure hope it doesn't bleed. I know I prewashed it years ago...crossing my fingers.

Ready to stitch up a couple more then I've got to leave...wish I could spend more time quilting!