Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Button, buttons and more buttons

Someone mentioned loving buttons on facebook the other day. There are probably LOADS of button savers out there.
My grandmother started me out as a child with my love of collecting these beauties. She would give us her button tin to play with... a good way to keep us busy and quiet. I still have her tin of buttons plus my own and now jars and jars of buttons.
The box on the left belonged to grandmas also. She kept her card buttons in this box. This was the SERIOUS button box. We'd dig through this one for our blouses, pjs, jumpers... whatever. The button tin was the ODD buttons.. the ones she would take off old clothing before cutting up the clothes for utility quilts....the single buttons and a few other odds & ends. She also had a button hook, some thimbles, googly eyes... just fun odd things. Lots of good memories in that tin!

This quilt is one of those utility quilts (or camping quilts) that she made from the cut up clothing. It's falling apart but I'm not going to fix it. I want it to be just like she made it. If you look in the lower right hand corner, you can see a peek of the old blanket she used as "batting". She didn't waste a thing.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Found" quilt top

My sister found this quilt top at an estate sale in a bag of fabric... she didn't realize it was in there. It's between a lap and a twin. I added the border, quilted it for her and am now binding it. She doesn't know I'm doing that (well, she didn't but if she reads this she will). Going to surprise her with it when I get back downstate in a few days.

Al and I are up north for a few days ...he needs to catch up on some work and I needed to pack Xmas away and clean. We'll be heading back down to be with Mom soon. She's in a nursing home and is pretty stable but still on a vent. We'd love to get her back home.

Finishing the baby's I-Spy quilt

I made the 64 block, stitched the rows together then finished the top but Jenn and I decided to make the quilt a bit bigger. It's 48&q...