Thursday, September 6, 2012

Time to get back to quilting... the wedding is over

The wedding is over and OH what a party! It was a beautiful day... couldn't ask for any better. It was a tad hot on the beach but it was perfect out under the tent at the winery. Jenn wore cowgirl boots and a beautiful full lace dress and just a flower in her hair. She borrowed a gold and diamond necklace from her grandma... she forgot her jewerly at her house but this worked out perfectly... need to have something borrowed. She had blue toenails and a blue bow on her garter so that was taken care of. Her dress and boots were new... so I guess the only old thing she had was her dad as she walked down the sand... (can't let him read this :)..

So she is married to a great guy and a really nice family. It's time for me to get back to quilting. I'll start posting once again now that I have lots of spare time.

Finishing the baby's I-Spy quilt

I made the 64 block, stitched the rows together then finished the top but Jenn and I decided to make the quilt a bit bigger. It's 48&q...