Thursday, June 23, 2011

Playing around with some new blocks

The color doesn't show very well but these are 30's repros on an aqua solid. Lisa and I started a couple of blocks after visiting Yoder's. We picked up some paper pieces shaped like these rounded petals. The pack comes with 16 petals and 2 circles for the center. This gave us something to work on in the evenings in Shipshewana. Our fingers were itching to play with our new fabrics :) I think we bought about 25 new pieces of 30's fabrics.

Tomorrow when I get home I plan to post pictures of the quilt festival. We saw some wonderful quilts. The handquilting was AMAZING! While eating our lunch at the festival, we shared the table with some talented ladies. One was experienced in dyeing her own wool so she gave us lots of tips... she teaches a class in wool so I guess you could say we got a free class! We're back in lower Michigan now... Lisa is back home and I head back up north tomorrow... And we're both so tired (but happy!).

Monday, June 20, 2011

A present from my daughter

When I went downstate today to pick up my daughter, Lisa, she had a present for me. I had admired the doll she made that sits on her sewing room shelf.... she made me my own dolly!

Isn't she adorable? I took her on our trip to Shipshewana.

We've already purchased fabric even though the quilt shops are closed. Stopped at the anique store that was open for 40 more minutes. We sped through it, zooming in on quilts and old quilt fabrics. I found 3-1/2 yards of a vintage fabric for 12 dollars! I love it and now have to figure out where to use it. Lisa bought a bag of scraps for 8 dollars and here's some of what was in it:

She found a bunch of old quilt blocks in the bag and one of them had the newspaper still attached to the back. We read the paper and found out it was from the early 30s. The block is not well done but she loves the fabrics in it and seeing the old paper. She's going to keep it just to have it as a piece of history. The top three blocks in the picture above are going to be put into a quilt. The middle one will fit in a farmers wife quilt. The basket needs a handle and to be appliqued onto a back ground. The dresden fan is only 1/2 completed so she plans to finish it up and maybe make more that match. The bag had lots of fabric scraps too. Lots of fun for the price :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Quilt Show - Part II

Here are some more of my favorites: Lisa, I thought you might like this one... has your colors:

Love the birds....

Lisa, another one for you to check out... those are yoyos appliqued on the vines with buttons in the center!

And this is one that I did like that much when I was close up but when I stood far away the pattern showed up... I LOVE it!

And here is the BEST OF SHOW! Those are all little pieces... and all the points are perfect on the triangles and corners... all stitched in the ditch.. IN EVERY DITCH!!!!! Amazing!

This one didn't have a ribbon... not sure why... it was very well done. I loved the colors.

Here's another with wonderful colors:

Another beautiful blue quilt... I should have gotten a picture of the one to the left of it... I dont remember looking at that one. Looks really pretty from the little bit I can see...

And finally here's a pretty appliqued quilt:

There were a few more pictures but quite a few were blurry... Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

The Quilt Show -Part 1

Well, I sure did enjoy the show!! BEAUTIFUL quilts :) This one was my favorite and the one I thought SHOULD have gotten best of show (but what do I know)... It was absolutely amazing. Check out the double edging... cream and burgandy scallops on all four sides! and all those beautiufl scallops that are appliqued in the vine borders. Well, I give this one MY viewers choice award. So, you're wondering how I did? WELL... here it is... hung next to my friend, Marg's quilt, and there's our blue ribbons :) Yup, I was jumping up and down (and I'm not exagerating at all). My quilt was in the wall size quilt group... it was just over 24" square. My friend's quilt was a little smaller and in the mini quilt category. Her's is amazing... each of those colors in the braid is is separated by a little black satin ribbon stitched in! And her applique work is perfect. I didn't get a picture of the purse just below my quilt, wish I did... it was the cutest! Sparkles and beads and pretty fabric.

Here's a quilt I wanted my sister to see. It's an adorable dresden fan quilt.... and I think it's vintage. I like the yellow centers that match the outer border.

This is another old quilt...well, the top at least. The lady bought the top and finished it up. Isn't the edging nice?

This is another of my favorites... I didn't see a ribbon on it (maybe they didn't want it judged?) but I thought it deserved one and I told the maker that. This is now on my list of someday quilts.

Well, that's all I could upload at a time so I'm going to post this and put up some more. I need to show you the best of show quilt... done by a man!!! Yes! Pieced and quilted. He's a wonderful longarmer.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Quilt show in Petoskey

Today is the start of our quilt show in Petoskey Michigan. It's also on tomorrow if you're in the area. It'll be at the Knights of Columbus Hall (over by Burger King). I have one quilt entered... I meant to enter more but this has been a BUSY spring and summer. Maybe next time...

SOOO... this is the quilt I entered. This is a picture I took before it was quilted and bound. I'm going to the show tomorrow and I'll take lots of pictures to share with all of you.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

AND the winner is.....

I did the draw this morning, for my pattern and the FQ, using a random name generator... that was fun :)
The winner is:
Send me an email letting me know which pattern you would like. The choices are: Molly's Quilt (a beginner baby sized quilt, tacked and turned), Chopped 9 Patch Placemat pattern (makes 4 modern ones at once without binding or hand sewing), or the Tea Bag Tote (a tiny tote that holds tea/coffee/sugar packs in your purse.. also perfect size for doggie snacks or a pacifier). I'll mail your pattern and a pretty "Sunkissed" FAT QUARTER off to you as soon as I hear from you. Email:

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The last few days have been soooo much fun. Lisa was up for a few day... to visit, to talk, to sew. We had a chance to go to the beach and relax, we went over to Traverse City to visit Jenn and to shop and eat and shop some more. Lisa had her new camera with her and snapped a few pics at a park. I found this great rock for resting on and it came with a footstool :)

We worked on a few blocks for my "Farmer's Wife" quilt class that evening. I try to stay ahead of what we're all doing (since I'm teaching it) but that's not always possible. She helped me pick out fabrics for the different blocks. Isn't it amazing how different people are attacted to different colors? Daughter Jenn is artistic and seems drawn to bright, primary colors... American Jane fabrics, bright batiks, to name a couple. Lisa is retro and vintage so she likes the brown, orange, gold, olives. They both love vintage quilts and they both like the 30's fabrics. I love blues... and pastels, batiks and SOLIDS (my fav). I love amish quilts, civil war, 30's... anything vintage. Well, I pretty much love any fabric out there. It's really had for me to find a fabric that I hate.

Today I'll be working on more of the Farmer's Wife blocks plus some more blocks for the Block Frenzy (Hearts to Holly Block Swap). This is the first one I made with this month's fabric. Maybe if I make 3 or 4 blocks I'll have a better chance of winning them. Gloria (who I work with) won the last draw and boy, did she get some beauties. The fabric was Moda's Faith Collection. This time it's another of my favorites. I bought some of this fabric for my girls for Christmas. Love all the grays in it... and mixed with the browns?... Love it!

Don't forget to enter my CONTEST! Click "contest", become a follower and leave a comment on that page for your chance to win a pattern and a FQ of Sunkissed from Moda. I'll let you pick which pattern of mine you want... the easiest one "Molly's Quilt", the placemat pattern "Chopped 9 Patch" or my tea bag tote "Tea with Auntie Em".

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tea Bag Tote Pattern

This is my TEA BAG TOTE pattern. Hearts to Holly has kits and also the pattern (pattern is only $2!). You can also get it directly from me (

It's quick and easy... and SO FUN :) I made loads of them already. They're great little gifts... add in a pretty vintage tea cup, some tea bags and maybe even a matching mug rug....wrap it all up in some cellophane and you've got a great gift for a friend, mom, grandma, etc. I use the tea bag tote to keep my favorite tea bags with me in my purse. Make it up in a doggie print and store treats in your purse for your favorite pooch. It's also a great size for baby's pacifier. You'll find dozens of uses for it!

Don't forget my contest! You could win a pattern and a fat quarter of "Sunkissed". Just become a follower (if you're not already one) and leave a comment.

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