Monday, June 20, 2011

A present from my daughter

When I went downstate today to pick up my daughter, Lisa, she had a present for me. I had admired the doll she made that sits on her sewing room shelf.... she made me my own dolly!

Isn't she adorable? I took her on our trip to Shipshewana.

We've already purchased fabric even though the quilt shops are closed. Stopped at the anique store that was open for 40 more minutes. We sped through it, zooming in on quilts and old quilt fabrics. I found 3-1/2 yards of a vintage fabric for 12 dollars! I love it and now have to figure out where to use it. Lisa bought a bag of scraps for 8 dollars and here's some of what was in it:

She found a bunch of old quilt blocks in the bag and one of them had the newspaper still attached to the back. We read the paper and found out it was from the early 30s. The block is not well done but she loves the fabrics in it and seeing the old paper. She's going to keep it just to have it as a piece of history. The top three blocks in the picture above are going to be put into a quilt. The middle one will fit in a farmers wife quilt. The basket needs a handle and to be appliqued onto a back ground. The dresden fan is only 1/2 completed so she plans to finish it up and maybe make more that match. The bag had lots of fabric scraps too. Lots of fun for the price :)


Lurline said...

She is just gorgeous - I love dollies!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Tiffaney said...

What an adorable doll. Your daughter is so sweet to have made her for you.

Anonymous said...

Love the doll! Hope you two have lots of fun! Aunt Mary

Heirlooms by Ashton House said...

Your daughter's doll is so sweet. And what wonderful vintage finds!

Rebecca P said...

That is the cutest little dolly.
What great treasures your daughter found.

Lurline said...

Hi Deb,
Just having a little browse through again and I saw the dolly - I see I have commented before, lol! She is such a simple lovely little dolly, kinda nice and floppy and cuddly by the look of her.Is there any chance you could source out where I could buy a pattern, please!
Hugs - Lurline

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