Thursday, June 9, 2011

The last few days have been soooo much fun. Lisa was up for a few day... to visit, to talk, to sew. We had a chance to go to the beach and relax, we went over to Traverse City to visit Jenn and to shop and eat and shop some more. Lisa had her new camera with her and snapped a few pics at a park. I found this great rock for resting on and it came with a footstool :)

We worked on a few blocks for my "Farmer's Wife" quilt class that evening. I try to stay ahead of what we're all doing (since I'm teaching it) but that's not always possible. She helped me pick out fabrics for the different blocks. Isn't it amazing how different people are attacted to different colors? Daughter Jenn is artistic and seems drawn to bright, primary colors... American Jane fabrics, bright batiks, to name a couple. Lisa is retro and vintage so she likes the brown, orange, gold, olives. They both love vintage quilts and they both like the 30's fabrics. I love blues... and pastels, batiks and SOLIDS (my fav). I love amish quilts, civil war, 30's... anything vintage. Well, I pretty much love any fabric out there. It's really had for me to find a fabric that I hate.

Today I'll be working on more of the Farmer's Wife blocks plus some more blocks for the Block Frenzy (Hearts to Holly Block Swap). This is the first one I made with this month's fabric. Maybe if I make 3 or 4 blocks I'll have a better chance of winning them. Gloria (who I work with) won the last draw and boy, did she get some beauties. The fabric was Moda's Faith Collection. This time it's another of my favorites. I bought some of this fabric for my girls for Christmas. Love all the grays in it... and mixed with the browns?... Love it!

Don't forget to enter my CONTEST! Click "contest", become a follower and leave a comment on that page for your chance to win a pattern and a FQ of Sunkissed from Moda. I'll let you pick which pattern of mine you want... the easiest one "Molly's Quilt", the placemat pattern "Chopped 9 Patch" or my tea bag tote "Tea with Auntie Em".


Rebecca P said...

Glad you had a good time with your daughter.
I bought the book Farmers' Wife, would love to take your class to get me started on making mine.
Love your block for the shop's swap. Do they allow someone to join that doesn't live near you? Like mailing the blocks? I love swaps.
Hugs to you friend,

Northern Deb said...

YES, YES, YES!! We have a lady from Texas that has mailed completed blocks to enter the draw. Your name goes in the draw once for every block you make. BUT, I can mail you some pieces... I have scraps leftover from my blocks. They'd be enough for you to make one from. Rules are: Blocks need to be 12-1/2" unfinished size and all fabrics need to be from the choosen collection. Sue has "Berry Bunches" for every swap... they're FIVE 8-1/2" squares from the current collection, wrapped up together, for the price of a FQ.

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