Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Quilt Show -Part 1

Well, I sure did enjoy the show!! BEAUTIFUL quilts :) This one was my favorite and the one I thought SHOULD have gotten best of show (but what do I know)... It was absolutely amazing. Check out the double edging... cream and burgandy scallops on all four sides! and all those beautiufl scallops that are appliqued in the vine borders. Well, I give this one MY viewers choice award. So, you're wondering how I did? WELL... here it is... hung next to my friend, Marg's quilt, and there's our blue ribbons :) Yup, I was jumping up and down (and I'm not exagerating at all). My quilt was in the wall size quilt group... it was just over 24" square. My friend's quilt was a little smaller and in the mini quilt category. Her's is amazing... each of those colors in the braid is is separated by a little black satin ribbon stitched in! And her applique work is perfect. I didn't get a picture of the purse just below my quilt, wish I did... it was the cutest! Sparkles and beads and pretty fabric.

Here's a quilt I wanted my sister to see. It's an adorable dresden fan quilt.... and I think it's vintage. I like the yellow centers that match the outer border.

This is another old quilt...well, the top at least. The lady bought the top and finished it up. Isn't the edging nice?

This is another of my favorites... I didn't see a ribbon on it (maybe they didn't want it judged?) but I thought it deserved one and I told the maker that. This is now on my list of someday quilts.

Well, that's all I could upload at a time so I'm going to post this and put up some more. I need to show you the best of show quilt... done by a man!!! Yes! Pieced and quilted. He's a wonderful longarmer.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

Congratulations on your ribbon, just a lovely quilt. Oh, the mini is exquisite. Love when you gals stretch out a quilt show, just love to browse slowly, just like I was at the show.

Impera_Magna said...

A ribbon at a quilt show? Wow... congrats! I know you must be thrilled! Thanks for sharing all these photos... so inspirational!

Dorian said...

Yah! Congrats Deb!! You did a beautiful job, and deserve that ribbon. How exciting!!

Thanks for the lovely show.

Barb H said...

Good for you, Deb. Your quilt is beautiful and deserving of a prize.

Barb H said...

Well done, Deb. Your quilt is beautiful and deserving of a proze.

Rebecca P said...

Deb, I've been on vacation & just now catching up on blogs. Congratulations my friend!!! Your quilt is amazing & you deserve that blue ribbon.