Wednesday, November 15, 2017

American Jane beauty

My American Jane quilt is coming along nicely but not without many HICCUPS.
I added a small border on the New York Beauty center... A black one.. Didn't like it so I took it off. I added the tape measure border instead, a 2" border. That was too bold so I cut it down to a 1/2" border...much better. Then I added a1-1/2" text border which I liked but felt it needed something bolder to frame it. So I cut a1/2" off and added a 1/2" black border. Didn't like that so got out the seam ripper AGAIN and replaced the black with a red. BETTER.

SO next I started adding the star point. The polka dot fabric is a scrap I found for 10 cents at a resale's vintage linen and I love it! Well, I had just enough to do 8 triangles. I started putting the pieces together ...above pic... And noticed the dots on the right formed a weird snake shape at the seam. So I got that darn seam ripper out again and restitched my blocks. It's not perfect but better. 

Now to start the corners.


Cathy said...

Oooooo...I love how this is going. You have the perfect border around the center block. It is worth all the reverse stitching. Hugs

Northern Deb said...

Thank you Kathy...I hate, hate, HATE ripping but its better than looking at the wrong fabric forever. 😉

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