Sunday, June 28, 2009

Still working on the challenge quilt....

OK... I've finished the next part... the applique in each corner. NOW, on the the final part (before the quilting). I need to add scallops that connect to the corners. I wasn't sure I would add that... depended on how much time I had left but since it's not due until Tuesday, I figure I can get the scallops done today ... quilt it tomorrow... bind it tomorrow night. 
The machine quilting shouldn't take me too long. It's only a 24 inch quilt. Not sure what color to make the binding but it may end up being just something soft and simple (yellow or white) because the scallops are so dark. I'll REALLY be happy to get this done and off to the quilt shop. 

Pretty soon I can check off one more item on a HUGE list of WIPs! :) 

1 comment:

Rebecca P said...

Wow Deb, your quilt is turning out so beautiful. I can't get over how fast you are.
Do you get to keep this challange quilt?
Rebecca P

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