Monday, September 30, 2019

Kitchen tools as quilting tools?

I'm working on my Kaffe log cabin star quilt ...getting the quilting done. I decided on straight lines. This isnt the fastest way but I've been dying to do this to a quilt and this one is a great one to try it on. There are plenty of lines to follow and it's not too big... 72" x72"

Where there aren't lines, I usually mark with a Hera marker...but I can't find it (same story, different day😉)
So I dug around in the kitchen (that's where my temporary sewing room is) for something that would create a nice line but not cut or snag the fabric. 
This little butter spreader works perfectly! I was able to stitch about 20 lines before it was time to get to the new house. I'm landscaping the one side where they've finished siding.

These colors are so ME...I'm really enjoying quilting this. Oh, and I decided against invisible thread on old eyes just can't handle it. I couldn't see to thread it and then it broke and jammed...pulled it out, got out my aqua Aurifil.
So's going to be slow going...a little here, a little there, as time allows. I sure hope I can finish by the weeks end. 

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Cathy said...

I love your quilt. Great ingenuity...butter knife. Hugs

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