Monday, September 2, 2019

Antique shopping and a find

My Labor Day weekend find! 
My daughter, Lisa, and I, went to some resale shops, garage sales and an antique mall here in Traverse City. 

I don't go to the antique mall very often... Usually just when company is visiting. We wandered through the 4 floors, me searching for old quilts and fabrics... She looked for mid-century items. I didn't find a THING until we were ready to leave. She had to use the restroom and when she came out, she spotted this quilt. 

It's perfect! I mean it's almost pristine! Well made, hand stitched, flat and the vintage fabrics in it?!.. 😱!! 

They were asking $75 dollars plus 10% off!! I couldn't buy the fabrics for that! So yes, of course I bought it. 
We, Lisa & I, decided this should become the guest room quilt. That's the room she stays in when she visits. She also said she would like this to be hers someday so, to make it official, "yes Lisa, it's your inheritance".

So now the only question is how to quilt it. I don't know if you're like minded but I feel like an old vintage quilt should be hand quilted. I like the feel of hand quilted quilts. They seem softer to me. I really need to find a nice batting though. Something that needles easily. Anyone know a good one? Maybe I'll call Hobbs?

The backing will be bleached muslin which is what my grandmothers both used. Im keeping it true to its age. The only thing I'll be doing differently is the binding...I'll be doing a facing instead. I love the edge and want to keep it exactly as it is. 

Wish me luck! This will be a 2 year project...AT LEAST!

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