Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Sewing hexies

It's a dreary, rainy day at the new house plus insulation is going in, so I'm sewing in the truck.
I love that EPP is so portable...I always have something to work on when I'm away from my machine.
These two hexie flowers will join my daughter Jenns growing pile. She's going to be making a scrappy hexagon quilt with solid Kona snow linking the flowers. 

When it isn't raining out, I've been building rock walls and planting bushes/perennials.
I'm getting so anxious to move into the house. Cabinets and appliances have been ordered and are waiting to be delivered. I've picked out most of the lighting and flooring. Once they finish with the insulation, we'll be ready for the drywall. Then OUR work really begins. Al and I paint, wallpaper, do finish carperntry and lay wood floors. There won't be much time for sewing soon!

When I get home at night or first thing in the morning, I try to sew a bit. Usually there's time to make one of these blocks...sometimes two. I have 42 done...loads more to go because these are 8"x8" and I'd like it to be a good sized quilt...at least a double. 
Break time is over...back to work!

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