Friday, March 2, 2012

A Weekend of Quilting!

Today is going to FUN! Well, actually, the whole weekend will be fun... I'm heading off to a quilting weekend here in town. No cooking or cleaning... just eating, sleeping, quilting and chatting :) I should get some projects finished up... if I concentrate and don't spend the whole time visiting. 

Here's a picture of a new BOM that is coming to Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop. It's an Amish inspired smapler in some BEAUTIFUL solids. I said I'd make the sample for the store and I'm anxiously awaiting the kit to come in. If any of you would like to do it.. through the mail or in person in our classes, give Sue a call and she'll put you on the list. This is a good sized quilt ... maybe 80x100 or there abouts. We had chattertime this morning and one person wants to split this into two quilts.. a lap and a wall. I plan to get out my EQ program and divide it up for her. I want the large one... I need a large twin quilt for a spare bed and this would be will reach down nicely on both sides plus have plenty of tuck at the foot of the bed.

And this is something I picked up at the shop... it's fabric that just came in.. some beautiful BATIKS. I couldn't resist this jelly roll. Lots of blacks, browns, and beige. I may do a braid quilt using this but for now it will be put away. I have too many IMPORTANT projects that have to come first. This will inspire me to get them done... sitting on my shelf, calling out to me!

Okay, now a question for all of you nature lovers ... or maybe you work for the DNR or know someone from there.... We found these tracks all around our house this morning. The way the animal walks suggest a cat... A LARGE CAT.. Anyone know what it is? We have had multiple opinions but would like to know for sure.

Update, have been told this is a wolf or large dog.  We have submitted a form to the MI DNR and hope to hear what they are. I took extra photos all around the property.


Barb H said...

Deb, I went here and I think the prints are canine, not feline, because of the toes. Could be a wolf or coyote, or better yet, a dog. If I saw these at my house, I'd keep an eye out for the critter. :)

Northern Deb said...

Thank you Barb for suggesting that website. It connected me to a DNR that accepts photos, etc to record and idenify animals.

Rebecca P said...

I've seen that block of the month , it is so pretty & so you. I'm already doing the General's wifes BOM, or I might have signed up.
Have fun at the quilt time.

Anonymous said...

Hi mom!!!!! Those prints look huge!! No way will I be out walking at those apron fabrics are adorable. Did sue just get that in? Love ya, jenn

I've been slowly pushing myself back to quilting. My back pain gets terrible in the mid day so early morning is the best time to sew.  ...