Sunday, March 18, 2012

Making lots of soup today

My daughter, Jenn and I walked along the beach last night... it was so warm.. felt like summer. Just can't believe the weather for MARCH! Most winters we're still skiing. We had a few people in shorts and wading in the lake... a few brave kids :) It was about 80 degrees and today is supposed to be almost as warm.

Monday night my sorority sisters are meeting at my house for our monthly get-together. I've been thinking about what to serve for dinner and have finally figured that soup and sandwiches would be easy enough. I'm making two or three soups: Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup, Al's Vegan Mushroom Bisque and maybe.. Chicken noodle. The crock pot soup is one I found online and I've added the link so that you can try it also. It sounds really good... will let you know. Al's soup is one that the family requests over and over. The chicken noodle I've been making for as long as I've been cooking.
Now the sandwiches... I think a northern chicken salad would be a good one. It has roasted chicken, mayo/ sour cream mixture, celery, onions, dried cherries and sometimes nuts. Served on a croissant it's really yummy. I want one other sandwich and thought maybe something warm like corned beef or sloppy joes. Anyone have a good sandwich? Another one I saw online was a baguette that is hollowed out and filled with creamy sandwich filling like deviled ham or tuna, then chilled and sliced into sandwich rounds. Not sure if this would get soggy?

Friday night and yesterday Jenn and I worked on gifts for her bridal shower... prizes like grocery totes, placemats, aprons, etc. This is one of her placemats.

Yesterday I was at the quilt shop working til 4 so we didn't get a whole lot done but a little here and there will help. Her shower is in July.. still plenty of time.

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