Wednesday, February 29, 2012

As I'm sure I've mentioned, my daughter Jenn is getting married this fall. Her sister, sister-in-law to be, mother-in-law to be and I are having a shower for her in July. We've set the date and the location and now just need to figure out a few games, order a cake and make some gifts for the guests. Anyone with good game ideas?

Jenn has already started on stitching up some gifts, her "famous" totes... I say famous because when she makes one friend a bag, she gets "can you make ME one? Pretty pleaseeeeee" questions.... and well, she's getting pretty good at the pattern with all the requests. Her totes and bags are pretty and very handy. Lisa also makes totes, cosmetic bags and purses so she will be helping out with the sewing. They both have very different styles so we'll have a nice variety.

I think I'll make some aprons. I found a site yesterday for a cute vintage Polka Dot Utility Apron that I just love. It's so nice of this site to offer these!

When I was at the quilt shop yesterday I bought this new fabric.. it's perfect for this project.

I love the retro kitchen tools plus the background of the fabric is light blue, the utensils are gray and black with the old-fashioned red wood handles. HOW CUTE!

Okay, so that's project one for today.

Project two is to continue working on my Happy Mochi Yum Yum Star Sampler quilt.... boy that's  a mouthful. I made a few more blocks in the last couple of days and have three two go.

This blue one turned out nice considering there are pieces from three different jelly roll strips in it.

The pink blocks are still my favorite... I want this quilt to be girly... think I might use one of the pinks for the backing and binding.

SOO, the third thing I have to do today is work on my civil war English paper pieced quilt. When I was shopping yesterday, I picked up a piece of fabric for my next border. It has a beige gray background and little dark red flowers on it. It'll go well with the gray that I have surrounding my spools. Picture coming soon on that one. It's going to be a pattern also so I have lots of details to work out.


Anonymous said...

We had two fun games at my daughter's shower last year. One game involved kitchen gadgets that the hostess purchased at a large kitchen store. They weren't that expensive, just unusual. You had to guess what they were used for. The winner got to keep the gadget. The other game involved putting herbs/spices into a little dish and trying to guess what it was. Everyone seemed to have a really good time, but of course lots of champagne helps. I cut out rectangles of white fabric which I ironed onto freezer paper and had each guest sign with a sharpie for a signature quilt. My cousin requested that each guest send her two of their favorite recipes which she used to create a really cute book using a binder. Good luck and congratulations.

Northern Deb said...

Some great ideas. Thank you! I will definately do the gadgets and the herb/spice game. 30 something years ago at my shower, my mom had everyone bring their fav recipe. You know, I still use quite a few of those. Never thought about the signature quilt... that's a good one too.

Impera_Magna said...

Oh what lovely fabrics... I'm loving that retro kitchen utensils fabric!

The two blocks are very very nice... make me want to start a new quilt... *lol*

Barb H said...

Love the apron fabrics you chose. And, I'm seriously falling in love with your Yum Yum blocks! Every time you post a new block, I think of spring. lol

gtcoursey said...

Do you know the name of the fabric you bought with the kitchen utensils on it? I'm loving it and would love to make myself an apron out of it also.

Northern Deb said...

I don't know the name of the fabric but if you call Sue at Hearts to Holly, 231-547-2729, and tell her that a pic of it is on Deb's blog, she'll be able to find it for you. She's very reasonable on shipping. They're open till 4 on Saturdays, and til 5 on weekdays.

I've been slowly pushing myself back to quilting. My back pain gets terrible in the mid day so early morning is the best time to sew.  ...