Monday, February 13, 2012

Making more stars for my Star Sampler Quilt

Twelve small stars are needed to surround my main star on this sampler quilt so I'm a little more than halfway done with that part. These stars are more from the Happy Mochi Yum Yum line.

The other day I had LOADS of time to work on this, and that's what I planned to do, but once I got down to the sewing room I started cleaning and playing. It was just too tempting to go through some older boxes that I haven't been through in a while. AND before you know it, most of the day was gone. Don't you just love feeling fabric? Well after a few wonderful hours, I am a little more organized. There's a nice size pile to donate and a couple of bags to give to friends. Trouble is I only got part of my stars done. It's so hard to stay focused! Later today I PLAN to finish them up and cut the next border which is just plain white.. easy! Lets see if I get it done ;)

So what did I organize? Well, I dug through my old Blue Sue Quilt box. This is a quilt that I started... oh... maybe 3 or 4 years ago. It will have twelve blocks. All the sunbonnet sues are in shades of blue and each block represents a month of the year. I'm up to May. I drew up the blocks long time ago and am slowly doing the applique. Pulling this out made me want to work on it SO bad. It's turning out well but I just can't take the time on it right now. There are too many other quilts that have to come first. I was digging through this box because I knew I had lots of blue fqs and I'm trying to get enough Nature's Notebook blue and yellow FQs to do a quilt. I'm missing all the darker blues from the line plus the green mini print. There is also a geometric print in yellow...also in blue... could use either of those. Anyone have these? I'll gladly trade for what you need if I have it or can get it.

After that I dug through the fabrics for my daughters wedding quilt... just to make sure I have everything I need and YES, thanks to some of you, I do. I have it all sorted and organized so as soon as I have this sampler done, it will be time to sew her quilt. Her shower will be in June or July and wouldn't it be nice to have it done by then... here's hoping!

So now my room clean (and vacumned :) ... TIME TO MESS IT UP!

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