Thursday, February 16, 2012

Beautiful Fabrics and fun projects

Today I brought my Happy Mochi Yum Yum Star Sampler project into the shop. We have a BOM starting in March. I finished up the middle, the surrounding 8" stars and then the plain white border. Now I'm making the other 7 different stars that surround these. That will take me a while, I'm sure. So this is a picture of what I hae so far and those luscious fabrics behind it are the ones I'm using... Happy Mochi Yum Yum... Yummy is right!

Another project I working on VERY SLOWLY is a summer dresden fan quilt for a baby. It has these bright little dresden plates... the blocks are 6" finished or 3" for the quarter block. I'm using this Fantastic Fan template WHICH I LOVE!! Let me tell you, it's saving me some time! It is made of metal and had a sandpaper type back so that it really holds the fabric as you cut. I get the little fans cut out SUPER fast. I'm machine stitching these to the background to make it even faster... plus it's for a baby and I want it very washable. I'm using invisible thead.

And here's another project I'm working on ... a little every month. It's my Farmer's Wife BOM class that uses Penny Haren's techniques of pieced applique. I really enjoy doing these. There are about 50 done so far... all in 30's repros. The next 50 or so are going to be made using Civil war fabrics. I want to end up with 2 twin sized quilts when I'm done.


Laura VanVleet said...

Wow! What fabulous, yummy blocks Deb! I love the stars! What shop up north sells that fabric?? Shops down here (Cadillac, Ludington) don't carry it! I've been looking!!

Northern Deb said...

Laura, This is from Hearts to Holly Quilt Shop in Charlevoix. I haven't heard of anyone else carries it around here. They have the WHOLE line :)

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