Monday, August 31, 2009

Im working on a quilt from one of my books by Jean Wells, Through the Garden Gate. It's a great way to use up scraps/ pieces of purple and green. I made the first 16 blocks that she has in the quilt and decided it needs to be MUCH bigger so I plan to make 64 blocks and then I'll see if that will work. I'll be adding a border on but not the one she has pictured in the book. Im thinking a softer border with appliqued purple flowers and green stems wandering around the edges... but I dont want to get ahead of myself. I have lots of projects out there and need to finish a few others first.


Rebecca P said...

That purple quilt is looking so pretty. How did you get so many purple sqs? I've only gotten two letters which means I only have four sqs so far. Wonder how long it will take to get my name at the top of the letter?

Northern Deb said...

I've received three letters so far, so 6 blocks plus 2 extra blocks sent to me from a friend. I'm sure my name is getting up there but not at the top yet... I have A TON of purple scraps. It's something I just never use but seem to collect... how does that happen? LOL

Sharon said...

Love the purple and green quilt - my favorite colors. Soon I'll be able to make one, with all the purple squares I'm going to get.