Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Deciding on colors...

What do you think of these colors? I just love them. I'm on a lucky streak lately... I've won two swaps at block central.. the first was the "Roses" happy block swap and the second was the "Favorite Block" swap, which had the theme- Americana. Since I won that last one, I'll get to choose the next color/theme for the favorite block swap that ends in October. The blocks will all be different so it'll make a nice SAMPLER. I thought about fall and winter and snow and Thanksgiving and Christmas.... BUT... then I thought about what kind of quilt I like to grab in the winter to just cozy up in.
I usually want something soft and pretty with flowers. SO, these are the fabrics I pulled out of my stash that feel the best to me. I havent "officially" mentioned my theme yet but I'm pretty sure it'll be SHABBY CHIC.
I also think this would be a great quilt to give for Christmas... to a friend, a new baby girl, mother, sister...
A while back I asked on a poll what colors you love in a quilt... pinks, yellows and orange rated pretty high, so I think, peachy-pink, buttercup yellow, soft olive or moss green, and creamy/buttery whites.
SO, WHO'S GOING TO JOIN US? There will be two lucky winners! Stay tuned :)
And about that lucky streak..
I just won the door prize from one of the shops on the SHOP HOP last week... A wool batt! Think I need to head out and buy some lottery tickets!


Rebecca P said...

Wish some of your lucky-ness would rub off on me. he he
Now the new fav. block theme would make a very nice quilt for....hum..
I know...ME!
I signed up, & have perfect fabrics, just need to pick a block.

How have you been Deb? We are heading to Oregon end of this week. Will tell you all about it when I get back.

Northern Deb said...

Heading to Oregon?! That sounds nice... Al and I are thinking of doing a short trip but we need to wait a while. His brother will be coming up to visit us soon and we also have some other downstate relatives coming up.
Al wants to go up to the Upper Peninsula to see Picture Rock and some other sights... so close and yet we've never gone there.
Have fun on your trip!

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