Thursday, August 6, 2009

Denise's medallion

YEAH!! Check off another thing done!

This is the border I added to Denise's medallion. We're doing a round robin with We are almost at the end... I will be getting one more medallion to work on before mine comes home :) !!!

This round had a fabric sent with it that I REALLY wanted to see added to the quilt... it's the flower fabric in the center of the circles. I didnt want to use too much because I was afraid it would get to busy but I wanted enough so that when Denise gets it back, after one more border, she will have the fabric somewhere else in the quilt. She plans to add a final border using her flower fabric. I cant wait to see this one finished! It's going to be a beauty.

1 comment:

Rebecca P said...

That is just beautiful!!!!!I love the pattern you did,really adds. You are so talented.
I sent Nola's off today, it's a good feeling to be on time.

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