Monday, August 24, 2009

Saw a wonderful antique quilt

Al and I were out in Traverse City yesterday and decided to stop into a few antique shops. He was checking out the old tools and signs while I made a beeline for the quilts and linens. This is one of the quilts I found AND REALLY WANT! It's marked 250 dollars which is probably a steal for one this nice and this old (30's). It's in WONDERFUL condition except for one block that has what looks like a grease stain (might come off) or black paint (most likely wont come off).

Since I AM a quilter, I guess I need to get myself busy and make this one. I KNOW, I KNOW.. I have an enormous pile of WIPs... BUT!!

1 comment:

Rebecca P said...

I say go for it. That is a beautiful quilt, will you use those colors? It's so soft like we like.

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