Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Still "organizing" these scraps

Nine blocks are made...63 to go...so thats 1000 or so HSTs or 2000 triangle pieces to cut ✂

I'm cutting and cutting and cutting. I think I need a tin or a box so i can stack up the paired HST pieces...ready for starting and ending my stitching. 

This is definitely not a project with a deadline...I'll just "organize" my stitched half-square triangles into blocks as this blue tray gets full. 

I've cleaned out quite a few boxes of fabric, organized them into what I'll be using them for and filled up a donation box for the ones I know I wont get to (or don't like anymore).

I DID actually buy a piece of fabric yesterday...I found a yard of vintage white fabric with red dots...probably from the 50s or 60s. It's washed and pressed, ready to go into my "dear jane" quilt. Yes, playing with that one also. I think I have 5 quilts out here in the table...working on whatever suits me each day.


Robin said...

This is going to be a pretty little scrap quilt. I love the freshness of your color combinations. I tried to analyze why I like it so much and I think it's because of all the white backgrounds. And you have clear colors - not the muddy colors I usually pick. I have a tendency to mix all the neutrals together in a scrap quilt. I'm going to have to remember the white backgrounds next time.

Northern Deb said...

Yes, most of the fabrics were fresher colors...a few off whites and creams but mostly clear colors. Those have always been my favorites.

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