Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The good and the bad....

The last few weeks have been ... well... happy and sad.

Happy was that Grandma turned 105! She's kind of in and out as far as knowing what's going on but what can be expected at that age. We brought her ice cream .... that's about her favorite thing now.

Another birthday was my brother, Ricky... well, Rick... but I still think of him as Ricky. He's a bit younger than me but a senior citizen just the same. Did some baking and sent him a box of goodies.
Ricky is on the far right... next to me and Grandpa. Happy Birthday, Rick! 

Sad was that my uncle passed away. Uncle Russ was my dad's older brother and a really nice guy. I always thought my dad and him looked a lot alike.  

He lived out in California so we didn't get to visit very often. In 2000 we took a trip out there and stopped to see him, my aunt and cousins. That's when we took this picture of Uncle Russ and Al in San Francisco.

They've been out to see us in Michigan a few times since then.
But the best times were when we were children and my grandmother (the one who is 105) would have a big reunion at her house. My cousins from out west (we never knew exactly where.. just out west) would come into town. We would have a ball... 6 kids in our family, 5 in my uncle's family and then another 5 cousins... fun, fun, fun!
It's nice to reminisce... good memories...  

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