Friday, November 1, 2013

Making something out of nothing

Yesterday I had a little time before Al and I headed to Jenn's house to help pass out candy for Halloween. There were a couple of blocks that needed finishing up and one that needed applique pieces basted to it so that I could hand stitch them down on our way to Traverse City... it takes us about an hour. Usually I grab some hand sewing so that I'm not bored in the car.
Well, finished up preparing that and still had some time to spare. I was looking at this pile of trash and thought... wonder if I could make something from that... kind of a challenge to myself.
So I started a crazy quilt block... just adding one piece next to another and another (even putting in some of the selvages) until I had a nice big piece.
Trimmed it down to an 8-1/2" square.
Well, now what? Thought about putting into my box of orphan blocks (yes, I have a box of those) but I still had time before we were leaving so I decided it would make a cute mug rug for my sewing room.
I kind of have a Dr. Seuss theme going in there... a Dr. Seuss quilt my sister made me... a matching pillow my sister made ... a Dr. Seuss picture frame my sister bought me (huh, seems to be a theme here too :).. a bunch of Dr. Seuss books and stuffed animals..  YUP, needed a matching mug rug.
I dug through my scraps of batting (yes, I save all of those too).
 And dug through my leftover panel pieces to come up with a backing piece (looks like a picture of Al and I waiting for the kids to visit)...
Gave it a quick quilting...
Then dug through my leftover binding pieces (got a box of those too)...
and ended up with this:
 Stitched the binding down on the way to Jenn's house......
And here's the funniest part. Al saw it and said "you're not giving that away, are you?.. It's too nice".
Sometimes I could just kiss that man!


Vroomans' Quilts said...

That is too cute - and reversable, too! Good use of some great scraps. AND I save all those same bits you do.

Karen said...

You stretched your imagination and came up with something fun. And used your time wisely. Myself, I would have dumped the scraps into a bag and donated it to the church thrift store for someone else to play with.

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