Monday, October 14, 2013

Solved a problem :)

A few days ago I wrote about a problem I was having with my bobbin thread popping up and showing on the top of my quilt as I was quilting. I have to say, I tried EVERYTHING to fix this... different thread on top, different thread in the bobbin, cleaned the machine, oiled the machine, adjusted the top tension, then VERY RELUCTENTLY adjusted the bobbin tension... nothing worked.
 See that green thread showing on the white?... AHH*&*)@#!

Last night (or VERY early this morning), I was lying awake when it hit me... I had just changed the needle because there seemed to be a burr catching my fabric... and the only needle handy in my case had been a size 14. That's large compared to what I usually use.

So this morning I changed to a size 10 or 11 (somewhat smaller). THAT was the problem!
The hole was too large and it was letting the bobbin come to the surface.

WELL, since almost all of my border was done with this green showing, I left it and just started quilting some more... no way was I going to RIP all that stitching out.
But boy does the quilting look nice now..

This isn't an important quilt... just one I was making to try out a new pattern. It'll probably be for a child/baby to play on. So now on to the binding :)

This is another project I'm considering.. after I finish up a few UFOs.
The book is called Japanese Taupe Quilts. They're neutral quilts. I can't say I like the oriental look but I do like how modern and clean some of these look. This book has a pattern for a table runner and also some nice sampler quilts.

I've started collecting some of the Japanese fabrics plus other neutrals that I think will fit in. I found the plaid on the bottom edge of the picture at a resale shop (it was a shirt for 99 cents!). It's a cotton/linen weave and really is a beautiful color. This picture doesn't do it justice. Below are some more fabrics I found to use in my project. 

And here's what I did with some hexagons that I cut out of solid to try out the new Hexagon Template from Creative Grids. You can cut up a pile of hexagons in no time.
This will be made into a pillow. I stitched them all together and have been trying to decide whether to cut more or to work with what I have. Since I have a TON of started projects, I decided to just finish this up and it's a perfect size for a bed pillow. I'll post a picture when it's done.
I might add embroidery or some other details... maybe oversized quilting..
Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Our leaves up here in northern MI are peaking. 
Winter is just around the corner ...OH, what a depressing thought! Forget I said that.

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Celia Ambrose said...

Thank you for sharing this info. Very helpful. I had that happen too, but I never thought of using a smaller size needle. Next quilt I make, I will try this.

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