Saturday, January 28, 2012

What's your favorite ruler/template?

Today I had my Demo class using the 45 degree Trapezoid ruler. It's one that I don't own, I used the shop's ruler to make my samples... BUT boy do I love it. I plan to get for my own. It cuts 2-1/2" strips, cuts the trapezoids for the braid, the pieces for the windmill block and for the attic window block, PLUS you can use it to cut the ends of your 2-1/2" binding strips at a 45! This is going to be one that I use time and again.

So my questions is what ruler do you just love... one you wouldn't want to be without? Or which one that you've tried is a good timesaver... or just plain fun?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I just love my Easy Ruler 6.5" square! Has all the markings for 40-60 degree cuts - I work a lot of 'small' pieces, so I work this poor thing to death. I think this is my ????? one as I wear out the markings (or cut the corners with my blade over time). I use the old ones for inserts in hot pads.

Mary-Kay said...

I use too many rulers to pick a favourite. One I se all the time is an Omnigrid 4" x 14" that has a lot of the angles marked on it.

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