Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Resale shopping and some vintage fabric finds

Al and I were out shopping at some resale shops today and guess what I found?! A bag of old quilt blocks for $4! There are about 150 blocks in this bag and these in the picture are some of my favorites. I'm going to give them to daughter Lisa because she loves 30's and 40's fabrics.. pretty sure that most of these are in the age group. The part of the bag that I'm not giving to Lisa is a group of nine patches that are soft colors... probably just as old but not really her style. They are not well done blocks but still I love them. I think I'll put them together to make a small vintage looking quilt. When I get them all spread out, I'll snap a picture. I also bought a bag of old buttons.
After shopping the resales, Al and I met with daughter Jenn. She tried on wedding gowns for us and we all fell in love with two of them. She has a favorite she found downstate and now these two... SO... which dress will be the one... dress 1, dress 2 or dress 3? Kind of like House I think she's leaning toward dress three... my fav is dress two.. but no matter which one SHE'LL BE BEAUTIFUL! Plans are coming along nicely for the wedding. They have they're venue... a vineyard just outside the city and they have the photographer. There are a lots more decisions to make but thankfully I don't have to worry about most of them. I tried on a dress for the first time today... and ...hmmm... think I need to head to the gym... SOON!


Barb said...

Oh wow...what a find!! Love your quit below, will have to go and take a better look!

Mary-Kay said...

Don't let Dawn see your bag of buttons. You should go to Curves, you know Nettie works there and there's a special 30 day thing going on there.

Northern Deb said...

Thanks Barb and Mary-Kay.
Mary, I was just thinking of joining one of the health clubs in town but I kind of wanted one that Al could join with me (don't think he would go to curves :). But I might see if Nettie and Vera want an extra walking partner.
I didn't know Dawn was a button collector...but EM is! I bring her buttons when I find them and I thought I would give these to her... she just had a birthday so..

Rebecca P said...

Hey Deb,
What a great find!! I love going places and finding such treasures.
Can't wait to see a photo of the wedding dress. When is the wedding? I forget.

imquilternity said...

That is a great find! I had the same kind of luck at the Long Beach Swap Meet last year. It's such a thrill to find a treasure like that!

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