Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Generals' Wives Quilt

This is block three of the BOM I joined. Are any of you doing The Generals' Wives? Since I work at the quilt shop, I hear about how hard some of these blocks are and I know that if the seams aren't perfect, the block won't come out the correct size... SO, I thought why not paper piece this. I'm using my EQ7 to print out the separate parts of this block. One thing I'll have to watch out for is the striped fabric on the outer parts of the block. Two paper piece sections will have the stripe running side to side and two sections will have the stripe up and down. I'll have to make sure I use the correct pieces in the correct places.

THE OTHER COMPLICATION is that I have to draw the REVERSE of what I want to end up... paper piecing is like working with mirrors. I think I'll try a 30's version of it first. IN FACT maybe I'll try all the blocks in a 30's fabric so that I don't ruin my kits with experiments. It won't matter if those come out backwards... I'll just have an extra funky quilt :)

In May I'm going to be doing a demo at the library in town ... teaching ENGLISH paper piecing. This little cube in the pic below is one of my experiments. I kept the papers in it and stuffed it with some poly. Not sure what I can do with it but it's cute.

One of my new loves is MODERN quilting. Below is a picture of a baby quilt I'm working on. I have the borders on now... but not in this picture... they're all Kona Ash gray. I'm going to pin the quilt today and then try to get it quilted this week. I'd like to do a very linear quilting pattern but havent made up my mind exactly what and where. Then the binding.. Hmmm... Orange maybe? I joined the MODERN QUILTING GUILD... a local one. They are everywhere and if there isn't one in your area you can go to The MODERN QUILT GUILD and start one in your area. There are two in Michigan... one in Ann Arbor and one in TC.


Anonymous said...

I love the modern quilt mom! Definitely orange binding.

Northern Deb said...

Thanks, Lisa. Have you peeked at the Modern Quilt Guild? Hearts to Holly will be getting in their book soon... lots of pretty modern quilts.

Rebecca P said...

Hey Deb,
Penny & I joined the General's Wives block of the month. I just love the fabrics in the kit. Wish I had Equilt to make some of the blocks paper pieced. I think 30's fabrics would look great in this pattern.
Very pretty modern quilt. Did you make up the pattern?

Northern Deb said...

Yup, Rebecca, the modern quilt is my design... I'm trying to play around a bit with different styles.
Let me know if you are having problems with any of the blocks for General's wives and I'll send you a copy of the paper piecing... I'll be doing quite a few of them that way.

Shabby Pati said...

I am just finishing up The General's Wives quilt. You are correct about the blocks coming out the wrong size. First problem: Use a 1/4' seam and it comes out to 12 1/4". Of course you can't square that to the required 12 1/2". 2nd Problem: a "scant 1/4" seam still does not work. That's kind of like a pinch or salt. It's all in the beholder's feel. I had to move my needle over three widths, just to be able to square my blocks and then the points get cut off. Needless to say I am not happy with this. Of course you can't make each block twice (not enough fabric)and no matter how I adjusted that seam squaring the block ruins the points. I did find that I could use a flying geese ruler for the flying geese pieces and they were perfect. If you are not a quilter it looks beautiful. I am going to call it my "pointless" General Wives! Hopefully your paper piecing will help to get them right. (also there is a website showing some of the errors in the pattern, but be careful there are others that are not listed.



Northern Deb said...

Thank you, Pati, for the info. By the sounds of the trouble you are having with these blocks, I think I'll just do all of them paper pieced or with my own drawn templates. That would be much easier than remaking them and "point taken", we do not have enough fabric to do them twice. With family sickness and the wedding of my daughter coming up, I have not had time to work on these. The good thing about that is that I get to hear all the problems and can work around those. Thank you for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I made The a Generals Wives Quilt without purchasing the pattern! I had a picture from the Internet and I drew each block on graft paper! There were several errors in the pattern and I found out on the Internet! I cut my striped fabric so all my stripes would be running the same direction! I ordered fabric from all over the U.S. Today I am attaching a sleeve to the quilt to enter in our local quilt show and I need a few hints as to what I should put on the label! Name of quilt, date completed etc. is what I usually put but felt like this tremendous quilt needed a little more info! Can someone help me? Would love to send you a picture of my quilt! Margaret

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