Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Decorating with and around quilts

As I was quilting the orange braid strip quilt (still don't have a name for it..any suggestions?), I was thinking about all the quilts and quilted projects I have around the house.

I was trying to figure what I'd like to make next... what I needed... and this is in addition to the things that MUST get done. I HAVE to make a wedding quilt for Jenn, which will be fun. It's going to be pretty colors and an easy pattern.

I also NEED to make a quilt for my neice... and that will be another fun project. It'll be purple OF COURSE... not sure what pattern yet or what shades purple.

But besides that I also like to have a few small projects thrown in... things that can get done quickly... completed in a couple of days. ANYWAYS, as I was thinking about my next little project, I went around the house see what was needed and then had a thought. A lot of us show pictures of our quilts and pillows etc but not always where they end up... what our rooms look like with our quilted projects in them. SO, today I'm showing some of my rooms and some of my past projects along with some of the "art" pieces my family members have made. Jenn is quite an artist and has done some paintings for the house, Lisa makes beautiful quilts and has taken some wonderful pictures, my brother Larry is amazing at bronze and baking, my mom is an excellent oil painter, my brother Rick makes beautiful jewlery out of gold and silver, my father-in-law was an artist in his own way.... he could draw very well,.... the list could go on and on... so here's a few things that I've family has made and my friends have given me.

This is Lisa's bedroom and her built-in-bed. She made the quilt that is at the foot of it and the little pillows. I upholstered the headboard and footboard and made a pillowcase for it.

This is our great room with two quilts over the couch. The one is a kit from Hearts to Holly in flannel that I made a couple of years ago.. VERY WARM! and the other one is a "fish" quilt. It was a wall sized quilt that I blew up to full size for Al. I use it sometimes but if he catches me he takes it away.

It's HIS!

Below is a picture that Jenn painted in college. I love it. I lay on the couch and stare at it... what it is changes from time to time... don't you love that about contempory art? The bench under it was made by my father-in-law and the quilt in the basket I made for Lisa years ago.

This bronze doorstop was made by my brother for Jenn's 16th birthday. I've stubbed my toe on it more times than you'ld believe but I love it. Comes in handy when the windows are open and the doors are all slamming.

Here's my laundry sink in my sewing room. I have a glass jar full of old wooden threads and another jar full of empty spools (from my sister). Also on the back ledge are quilted postcards from friends and daughter Lisa. There are two "mug rugs"... one hold the soaps and one is for setting my iron on. The vintage blue canning jar is stuffed full of old buttons (I have two more just like this one) and finally my little quilt that I entered into the last quilt show up here a year ago. My first and only entry into a show.

Now this picture is a photo my daughter Lisa took... I wanted to know what she was thinking going into this area of Detroit!?! but I love it. Her and I both love architecture... on it's way up or down :)

This is a table in my sewing room with a few of my favorites on it. The little "man" next to the lamp is made out of sewing machine parts. My father in law worked at Fords for years... they have a sewing area.. doing seats, headrests, etc. One of the guys there took old parts and made this for him. I just love it. Another gift someone made him is the set of bookends from an old singer sewing machine. It's on the bottom shelf holding up my sewing books... weighs a TON! I have my pincushion on top... have quite a few pincushions now.. but can you really have too many? :)... Also have my two bins of solid fabrics and a half quilted quilt. This is my Americana quilt... I'm probably 2/3rds of the way done on it but just haven't been motivated to finish it up.

OK, here's a chair in Al's movie room. Lisa made him a quilt with all of his favorite things on it... cars, dots candy, tools, route 66 signs, coke... plus she embroidered and paper pieced some designs on the corners. Lots of work in this one but he knows that and loves it.

Here's Jenns old bedroom. I made the quilt for summer use... a picnic quilt. The one on the little rocker is for my "someday" grandchild... I call it JJ's quilt... as in Jon Junior... not sure if there's going to be a jj or a jane or another little someone but for now that's the name I use. I remember when I was carrying Jenn and I called her "little zander"... thinking she would be a boy. I ended up with two girls and couldn't be happier about it. You just never know...

Here's an oldie... my mom painted a bunch of paintings for my bridal shower over 30 years ago! I think I'd like to find it a little frame and hang it on the wall. The owl in front of it is made out of a gourd... mom bought it for me at an art show a few years back.

And here's my bedroom. That's grandma's 100th birthday quilt on the end of our bed... she's in a nursing home... still doing great at 103! The pillowcases are from a swap on Block Central... sure miss that forum. The mug rugs on each side of the bed are from my friend Pat... another swap but this one at The Quilt and Needle forum. They have Charlevoix fabric as the tea cups! There's another quilt in the basket under my nightstand (which is an old singer sewing machine). This is one I grab for picnics, beach.. it's getting worn but I still like it.

Back to Lisa's old room. That's her Gumby holding a ball pillow I made. The pretty quilt above was made by my friend Rebecca a couple of Christmases ago.

Thank you all for going on my tour... I hope others will do the same... I'd love a peek at where everyone has their quilts and other goodies.

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LuAnn said...

I love all of your quilts and how you have displayed them. I think that is one thing I enjoy about quilt or other magazines...the way they show how quilts are displayed in different settings. What a wonderful post. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your home.

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