Monday, May 24, 2010

Working on a summer COVERLET

Here's a picture of the scrappy 30's coverlet that I've been working on, here and there. It's really quick and easy but I don't have much time to spend on it since I have so many other things going. When I'm in the mood for some mindless sewing I pull this one out. I just love the summery colors. Aren't 30's the cutest? I put a white (not quite pure white) strip in the center of each block and then just use any size strips I have around... there's quite a few leftover 30's pieces in my sewing room. I also added in solids cut from a FQ pack I bought at Heart to Holly.
They have the nicest FQ packs of solids I've seen.

Gwen Marston is going to be having summer classes and a retreat up here in northern MI and this year I heard it will be using solids.... I've got to get signed up for a class! And check out this book of hers... Liberated Quiltmaking II . You can see some of her wonderful quilts at I sound like an advertisment for her but I think she's very talented and has a great eye for color.


Jeannette said...

Sew random happy colors! Looks great.

Rebecca P said...

That is so pretty Deb. I love mindless sewing from time to time.

breane24 said...

Pattern please?

This looks like my next project! For sure!