Friday, May 21, 2010

Possibly 1800's Fabric?!!!

I was at "chatter time" this morning here in Charlevoix and had a chance to show my beautiful old fabrics to the ladies. One of them is very good at dating fabrics and believes the brown, grays and purple hexagons date from the 1800's... and quite possibly from the MID 1800's! One of my friends has an original civil war quilt passed down through her family and she said the fabrics are VERY similar to what she has in that quilt! I think I need to take a trip to Lansing, MI or to the Ann Arbor area to see if I can find someone who could tell me for sure what I have here. Apparently the thing that gives it away is the patterns plus fading of the fabric. Some of the purple has faded to brown. Also the whole group is mostly drab... and they are getting brittle (some, not all). Well, if they are proven to be that old... I'm NOT going to cut them! Not sure what I'll do with them...

Most of the fabrics are 30's and 40's which is wonderful... I just love that era and am going to enjoy making a quilt to show these off. I may work a few into my "seven sister's" quilt... it would be nice to have some REAL 30's mixed in.... and the quilt is going to be totally handmade so I'll feel I've done them justice. Not sure if it will get finished in MY lifetime... I'm really not all that quick at hand quilting!

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