Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

These are the fabrics that Lisa gave me when I went downstate to see my mom on the day before Mother's Day. We didn't have much time... it was a REALLY rushed trip but at least I got to visit for a few minutes with Lisa, give her the cool, retro chairs we found her and then spent some time with my mom and dad. Lisa thought these fabrics would work for this quilt... CHICAGO QUILT SHOW QUILT I can't wait to give it a try. I'm going to dig through my solids and see what I have that will also work with this. NOW, I KNOW I shouldn't be starting ANOTHER quilt..... BUT I JUST HAVE TOO!!!! This one is too cute to pass up :)

Mom and I went out to see "The Backup Plan"... it is definately a women's movie... don't think any guys would enjoy it. It had a few good laughs that I think only someone who has already had children would appreciate. It's not going to win any awards but it was entertaining and mom and I enjoyed it ... We went to BIG BOY's afterwards and had strawberry sundaes and tea...mmmm, then off to Borders to look at cooking magazines (her) and quilt books (me). We got home just in time to turn on the RED WING'S GAME. Very depressing though... Al stayed up to watch a good portion of the game but since we were leaving at 6am (he had to be at work at 11am), he couldn't see it all. He said it was a good thing he didn't try... they lost :(


A Garden of Threads said...

What a nice Mother's Day present. Love the colors.

Rebecca P said...

Yummy fabrics, can't wait to see your version.
Very nice Mother's Day present.

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