Monday, May 3, 2010

What a BEAUTIFUL day!

It sure is nice out....spring has arrived! Our spring blooming trees are LOADED with blossoms. Lots of bees hanging around... I hope they find the fruit trees in the yard. The peach trees have lots of flowers and so do the cherries. The apples don't have as many yet but they're just a bit behind. This flowering crab smells wonderful! Al is going to order some mulch delivered so that I can get these beds fixed up... I got some of the weeding done last night and today I'd like to finish up the ones near the house. I think we're going to need a truckload of mulch... I need it for the garden, the landscape by the road and all these smaller landscapes. I think I see ALEVE in my future!
Here's my favorite spring flower, my lilac. This one was given to us by a friend that owned a nursery and was closing it down. We helped him clean up and do some final landscape projects and he paid us with plants. This was kind of scraggly for a couple of years but look at it this year! It's finally taking to it's new home :) And mmmmmmm, it smells FANTASTIC!

I'm going to try to get lots of yard work done today and tomorrow... Wednesday I'm heading out to the U.P. to do some quilty shopping with some friends. We're planning on visiting some galleries and shops. Then in the evening, Al and I are heading into Traverse City to have dinner and see a show. It won't be until Thursday before I have a chance to do some more sewing....

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