Sunday, May 23, 2010

Working on Pincushions for swaps

Today I had a chance to work on my pineapple pincushion (Sue Spargo pattern). Yesterday I took the pattern to the pinter and had them shrink it by about 65% so that it wouldn't be the size of a table centerpiece (LOL)... The pattern said the finished pincushion measured 14"tall and although I just LOVE this pattern, I didn't want to make that large of a project.

I have the base picked out... I had Al cut the base off a candleholder and am going to glue this to it. Right now I'm working on getting all the little decorations attached to the main part of the pineapple. Tomorrow I'll add the top leaves and glue on the base. I'm using old buttons to decorate the pineapple instead of beads... mainly because I don't have many beads at home but I have LOADS of old buttons. Well, back to work.....


Quiltluver said...

Wow! That's really cute.

Rebecca P said...

It looks wonderful, love the pattern. I have mine done for that someone who I get teamed with. Such a fun swap.