Thursday, February 10, 2011

Working on mug rugs with my Dr. Seuss fabric

Working on Mug Rugs using my Cat in the Hat fabrics and some pretty gray.This is the first of four that I'm making... two for Jenn and two for Lisa... SURPRISE! To Jenn and Lis: When I have the four done, I'll post them and you girls can tell me which you want.

I started putting the binding on this one last night but my hand started cramping up so I had to stop. I can machine sew and quilt for quite a while but if I try to do hand work, I have problems. Hoping to have all four done in a few days but we shall see.

This mat is about 7" square. There will be two this size and two that are a little longer but narrower. The ones I've seen online usually have room for a mug and maybe a cookie or two.


Impera_Magna said...

How cute! Love the quilting too... appreciate folks posting such nice photos because I'm learning a LOT!

Jeannette said...

a little fish oil? might help your hands if you took a dose a day...