Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Well, darn it, I'm sick again :(

I woke up this morning, sick again and it is NOT convienent. (but then again when is it?!) I have a special green gift to make for someone. We're doing another swap online with the ladies from BC (but now we're S&H.. scrappyandhappy). For this swap we traded names and are making a secret gift for our partner. Only rule: it needs to be green. I'm still trying to decide between two ideas. I bought the fabrics yesterday... some really pretty and bright lime greens. SO today was going to be the day to work on that PLUS I need to finish up the scrappy strip blocks that are going out to Sherry. I'm running behind on all my swap this month. The mug rugs sidetracked me a little. They sure were fun to make. OH, that's another swap I signed up for. We're going to be swapping mug rugs on Q&N. That should be fun... those little things are addictive!
So anyways, here I am at Paradise with a cookie and a HUGE cup of tea. Hoping between that and the Dayquil I took, that I'll be feeling better soon. It's a shame to be sitting out here in this beautiful sunshine and wishing I was back home in bed.


Impera_Magna said...

Mug rugs are very addictive... I enjoy making them and having such a quick "finish"... :)

There's a lot of "sick" going around right now... sorry to hear it caught you. Feel better very soon!

Cheryl said...

hope you are feeling better real soon!

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