Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another beautiful evening here in Phoenix

Al and I are sitting outside at the bookstore, getting internet service so that I can post some pictures of my newest mug rugs. It's just beautiful out... so nice and warm. And check out the sky... I took this on the freeway as we drove here!
So here's Mom's set of mug rugs. Yes, mom, you have a set coming in the mail too. Al thinks the one above looks like Gizmo (mom's dog)... I think it does! The one below is an artist rendition of mom and her cooking with the kids looking on.. couldn't fit all 6 of us so two will have to do. Now don't hit me because the ham is green...and your facial hairs are showing..hehe


Tiffaney said...

I am pretty sure that the "dog" is the Lorax.

Your mug rugs are adorable Deb. Hope you are enjoying the Arizona weather.

Rebecca P said...

What a beautiful sunset, no wonder you love going there.
Those mug rugs are too cute for words. I signed up for the rug swap because they look so fun to make.
Happy Valentines day my friend.

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