Friday, February 11, 2011

Four "mug rugs" finished

Today I finished up the mug rugs. They were pretty easy to make except for the binding of course... not that binding is hard, just something I put off. The piece of red dot that I used as a binding on the first two came from that scrap bag I bought a while back for $4. I cut my binding 1-1/2" wide since these are so small... I wanted the binding to be fairly small. Usually I use a single binding. Most quilters seem to use a double one and I can see the reason in a large quilt.... you get twice the thickness so it wears longer. But on something small like this I don't want it heavy. Doing a single thickness binding is how I do most of mine... maybe because old habits are hard to break and this is how I was taught... MANY years ago. Well, now that these are done, they're just waiting to be put in the mail. Jenn and Lisa, let me know which set you would like (if you both want the same set I'M IN TROUBLE :).


Dorian said...

Those are adorable Deb!!

Anonymous said...

I like both sets...but I will take the second set since Lisa hates pink. :o) :o)


Northern Deb said...

Well, Jenn and Lisa, it worked out well. Lisa really likes the pink set (that's a change, huh?) and Jenn really likes the first set. GOOD! I don't have to make another set... except for mom (who wanted to get on my mug rug list :)

Michelle May said...

Oh my gosh are those ever fun!
xx, shell