Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Chicago Quilt Festival was FANTASTIC!! I took a TON of pictures and am going to put some on today and maybe some on tomorrow. The one below is my favorite WOOL quilt.. the colors were BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. I don't think the camera got the colors just right but it's close. This is a part of the vendor area. I just loved this vendor ... they're "The General Store" from Rockford IL. I love this scrappy tree quilt.
This is my favorite quilt. I love red and when pink and green are added... well... it's just charming! Looks like a summer quilt... perfect for a cottage up here. The applique work was wonderful and I love the edges.

This is the first quilt that caught my eye as I walked in. It is all different blue fabrics... Scrappy Blue! LOVE IT! Great idea for my blue charms from the swap at Block Central... wouldn't this be great in reds or oranges or PURPLES?!

Here's the four of us (my roommates) on Thursday when we toured Chicago. We took the blue line in from the convention area and spent the day seeing the sights. The quilt show didn't open until 5pm so we had all day to bum around the city. Sure was fun! We took a double decker tour bus from place to place and saw EVERYTHING! (well, maybe not everything but a lot!) It's the only way to go.

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Rebecca P said...

Oh Deb, looks like a great show. Looks like you had a great group of ladies to go with.
The wool quilt is so beautiful, but I must say, I love the pink & red one too. Pink & red looks so good together. What a lot of work in all the applique, beautiful

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