Friday, April 30, 2010

Chatter Time Show and Tell

At "Chatter Time" this morning, one of my former "roomies", Marg, showed this baby quilt she just finished (just has to add a binding). She used 30's repros in strips. Isn't it adorable and she says VERY EASY! I'm thinking this would be a great quilt to use with the strips from BC that we traded a few months ago. I'm using some of the strips for my Seven Sister's quilt and for the BOM that is coming up but I still have LOADS of pretty pieces.
Here's what I figure I could do: If the white blocks are cut 3"x3" and the colorful strips are 6"x3", it will work out really nice... and isn't that just perfect for our 6" charms or our 3" wide strips!!! I didn't measure her brick blocks because I wanted it to work for our strips... I think she used the standard 2-1/2".


Jeannette said...

I am relieved to read that you didn't just pop this quilt out while you were cleaning the barn and preparing to move? are you? Did Arizona get to you?

Northern Deb said...

Jeannette, I'm afraid Arizona got to my hubby... he loves it there! He would move in an instant but I have too many ties to northern Michigan. We decided on a 5month/7 month split. We'll be in the south for 5 months of the year (the coldest of course!) and home for the rest. We're selling the house/barn/property and building something smaller plus buying something in AZ. Hopefully, we'll both win :)

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