Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chicago International Quilt Festival 2010

This is the BEST of SHOW... just amazing! How cute is that bottom frog on the left! Pink and Green Vintage quilt... Lots of inspiration here for applique...
Another favorite was this scrappy vintage quilt from the mid 1800's. Viewed from across the room, it's spectacular. I just may have to do a similar one.

Here I am taking a picture of Mary and I (another lady from Charlevoix). We are under the BEAN... not sure if that's what it's called but it looks just like a big bean.

A faraway shot of the bean... with Chicago buildings in the background. We had a nice warm day for this... went up to 84 degrees! Not bad for April in the windy city (yeah, it was REALLY windy).

1 comment:

Rebecca P said...

Wow, those are some amazing quilts. The frogs look so real, like they could jump out of the quilt.
You MUST make a quilt like the scrappy antique one, so you.

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