Tuesday, June 5, 2018

The first finish of June

 I HAVE a finish! Yay! This is a leader and ender project I did to use up scraps. My scrap bin looks the same so I probably need to start another one.
 This scrappy bow tie quilt used all stash fabrics...even the backing. Linking back to 2nd quarter Finish Along starter blog post:2nd quarter-finish-along

Let me end with a picture of my sweetie pies... These two make getting older THE BEST! 


Maureen@MysticQuilter said...

Lovely finish and isn't it surprising to find that after making a scrap quilt to empty your box, the few you had left have multiplied!
Wonderful little grandchildren - super being a grandma isn't it. We have six.

Northern Deb said...

Oh, yes! Being a Gram is the best! Six?! Wonderful!

Karen said...

A very interesting layout for the bow tie blocks. I don't think I have seen a quilt done that way. Very good!

mangozz said...

This is such a beautiful quilt! Why don't my scraps coordinate as well? Congrats on a wonderful finish!

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