Thursday, May 3, 2018

Collage class, quilting and sewing surprises for daughters

Last Saturday I taught a Collage Class. We really had a great time. This class used Laura Heine patterns like the one I made... Emerson Dog. The ladies all had different Laura Heine patterns.... a moose, the cat, the dress, a flamingo, the elephant, the pigs and two of my favorites: Henrietta the hen  and the Rooster (not sure his name). 
I cant wait to see all of these become quilts.  This class will be repeated in June. I may make another collage myself. Im thinking about that rooster...he's really beautiful.
So after class I decided to start quilting a quilt ....this top was finished in April and I'd love to have the FMQ done this month so that I have a large finish. It's been a while. This is the bow tie scrap quilt and I really do love it. It's probably going to become a picnic/beach quilt. 

So in between quilting and cleaning my sewing room (it really needed it!) I started a small sewing project. When my younger daughter was up visiting, she showed me environmentally friendly pads for periods. You stitch a cotton layer, 2 flannel layers and a water repellent bottom layer together ....add snaps to attach to panties and you're done. She bought hers at a store but I figured we could make them easy enough. So I purchased the fabrics and snap... 

This is a finished one below:

It snaps around the panties...pretty fabric faces up....snap down. That white fabric is the water repellent stuff. It's the same fabric that is used with baby diapers which should be my next project. Since the other daughter just delivered a son and she's going through diaper after diaper, I think this would be a good money saver. These pads were Super easy. These sell for about $15 dollars each at the health food store... I think I can make her about 6 for about the same money. Im sure the diapers cant be all that much harder.

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