Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday in the sewing room

Today my daughter and her husband's cousin came by to sew a little. The cousin is just learning but I think she's hooked. She made a bunch of cute patchwork mug cozies to take back to college with her. While she was doing that I had a chance to play with my grandson Henry. He found a little Dr Seuss mug rug that he loves...he asked if he could keep it. I laughed and told him I was making him a BIG Dr Seuss quilt and it was just for him. He was thrilled but since he has ZERO patience he wanted to take it home today.

Well, I guess I better get cracking! After they left I started pinning his quilt. I hope to have it quilted in the next couple of days so that Henry can have it.

I also worked on binding my Modern Sampler. It's machine stitched on and pinned...just have to hand sew it down.

Today really was a fun one...I just love having guests in my sewing getting the next generation hooked on quilting too! 

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