Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Quilts

The story starts out with a charm swap with the ladies at Block Central. We swapped red charms and I joined in even though I had lots of reds... what's a few more red squares. It is one of my favorite colors. Then I joined the cream charm swap, then the red strip swap, the cream strip swap....I put the reds and creams all in one box with the idea that one day I'd make a red and cream quilts. Well, we were all chatting about red and cream and found a really cute one on I love her quilts... she has such a great eye for color. I decided to make this one:

That was many swaps back and in the meantime I've started ...oh... lets just say LOTS of quilts.
One day, I was curious (curiosity killed the cat and almost the quilter) about how many UFOs I really had. I started pulling them all out.. Out of boxes, off of hangers, in the cupboard, on the shelves. When the list was done I had counted about 29. This isn't counting the boxes and stacks of fabrics that are organized and waiting to become quilts (let's just ignore those for now). Since I was VERY embarassed at the high number I decided to start getting to work on finishing up some of these. The first one I grabbed was this red and cream one. I started making the double four patches once again and was pretty far along so I laid them all out on my sewing room "design" floor.
Al came in to see my progress and said it was WAY to busy... sometimes I ignore his opinion and sometimes I listen to it. This time I thought he might be right so I played with the blocks. I took away all the mostly cream ones and left the mostly red ones. This is what I had:

Then I laid out the cream ones:

Well, I found I like these each alone more than combined... I may have to add plain red blocks in the mostly red one and plain cream blocks in the mostly cream quilt but it looks like I'm making two now instead of one... so after all this work to get my ufo list down, I now have one more UFO! Now the question is.. do I continue to work on my ufo list KNOWING what could happen or just give up and go shopping for fabric? I agree... time to shop :)
The End


The Cozy Quilter said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I actually like the first picture the best. Isn't it neat how these blocks have so many possibilities? Happy quilting! Gail

Dorian said...

Deb, I actually like all your blocks together. It has an Irish chain effect, and I just love Irish chains. :)

Quilting Comfort said...

Deb I am going to make it 3 who love the first one. Sometimes more is more and it is good!

Calico Quilter's Casita said...

I enjoy reading your blog about your bountiful stash of fabrics and your many projects. A relatively newbie quilter, I thought I had lost my mind as I shopped and shopped and collected my own stash of quilting fabrics. My hubby is a supportive, quiet kind of guy but I can see the bemused look on his face as my piles of fabric continue to grow. Your projects inspire me to carry on with my own quilting madness.

Alicia said...

I love the 1st one too! And so glad to hear of your UFOs! I haven't counted mine but I'm sure they number like yours! Keep up the great work!

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