Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Finished up my Blue Strip Scrap Quilt

It feels so good to be finished with a project... check a BIG one off the list. :) This is my Blue Strippy Scrap Quilt that I started after seeing that my boxes of blue fabrics were overflowing. This helped... a little.. It's amazing how much blue I still have and I didn't buy A THING! I love bues, always have, so I suppose that's why I have, oh, maybe six bins of it. There's the navy box, the royal blue box, the medium blue boxes (2 of these), the light blue box, the aqua box, the turquoise box, the blue plaid box, the blue solids container, the blue civil war and Americana box... okay, maybe that's 9 or 10 boxes of blues... but it's down from what it was!

And this is my finished Central Park cosmetic bag.. I was leaving for the party and had forgotten to take a pic so it's wrapped but you can still see it. The bag wasn't really the gift, although everyone love it. The real gift was inside... yummy chocolate gift certificate, glass nail file and cuticle cream.
I used a little ric rac in the seam between the top and the bottom (found it in my box of old trims). The buttons on the right of the bag are stacked... a creamy white one with a nice swirl texture and an orange button with a little crystal imbedded in it. They were the perfect addition to this.. think I'll make myself one this week :)


Rebecca P said...

Oh it looks so good Deb, love all those pretty blues. I haven't had a chance to work on my pink one but you have inspired me to pull out my blocks & sew them together.
Darling little bag, what a great gift.

Karen said...

Both projects turned out wonderful!

Mary-Kay said...

I love your blue quilt. i think I have that many blues so maybe I'll give it a try. Yesterday I saw my sister Annette, aka Nettie, and she told me to check out your blog. And as I'm typing this, who should call but her. Next time you see her ask her if she found her Civil War blocks.

Trina said...

Deb, I love the blue scrappy quilt. Now I need to make one. If you need help in stash reduction, I will be glad to help. Especially with the blues. :)

Linda said...

Your blue string is beautiful! They are so much fun to make. How are you going to quilt this one?

Northern Deb said...

Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Linda, I quilted it using an allover meandering in a medium shade of blue thread. It's a little harder to work with since there's that extra layer of fabric (the muslin foundation). This is a REALLY heavy quilt.