Friday, January 7, 2011

Cookies and Tea at Mom's

We've begun our yearly trip south and the first stop is at mom and dad's house. It's rough spending the night here... all we do is chat and eat and shop. YUP, it's rough :) I'm working at the computer and was brought tea and cookies... got to keep up my strength, ya know. Yes, I plan to eat all of those!

We went to a quilt shop in Berkley this afternoon. I've never stopped at this one but Lisa (our DD2) recommended it to me. She said they carry lots of Kaffe and I LOVE that. I bought a little... not too much because we have lots more stops to make.

After shopping for fabric we out to a middle eastern resturant for hummus, beef barley soup, baklava (Mmmmm!) and smoothies. Yummy. We had a chance to visit with Lisa and bf, Josh for a bit. I also stopped at a Salvation Army store and found a real FIND. I'm collecting Fiesta and happenned to find 4 lime green mugs in NEW condition. (5.99 for 4). Can't beat those prices. Also bought a bunch of books to read... those were only 5/$1. Can you tell this is one of my favorite places to shop? Aside from being a GREEN thing to do, it's great for my wallet :)

So tomorrow Al and I start heading south, out of Michigan. But we won't be leaving the snow if you can believe the weathermen. Looks like we'll be driving in it for the next few days... all the way into New Mexico. We will be getting up at the crack of dawn (as usual) to head out. Al planned this so that we don't have to worry about Detroit and Chicago morning work traffic. Well, my tea is getting cold and there's some cookies here calling my name......

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